QuickBooks Email Setup


The following article gives you instructions on “how to do QuickBooks Email Setup” the easy way when you are using Desktop. QuickBooks software can be used to send and receive emails, either by using Outlook or Web Mail. For this, a proper configuration of the software with your preferred Email should be made.

If you are being shown with an error message “QuickBooks Gmail not working” then we should ensure that Email provider, i.e. Gmail in our case is fully compatible with Desktop version of QuickBooks. If it is then we should figure out the resolution of the error caused. Here we will figure out QuickBooks Email Setup process via (Gmail, Outlook and webmail) that will help you fix the issue in no time.

QuickBooks Email Setup on Outlook/Gmail

You need to have the Outlook or Gmail profile first before using QuickBooks. If you already have the profile, then you can skip this step and directly go to the next step for configuration. In case you are connected by any chance or your Outlook is not responding then call for QuickBooks Support.

Before setting up Outlook or Gmail Email preference, make sure you have the following information. Or else, you have to connect with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to get the information:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Address of Incoming email server
  • Type of Incoming email server
  • Address of Outgoing email server

Once you get the above information, you can proceed to set up the Email platform on your QuickBooks Desktop.

How to Setup Email in QuickBooks:

  • Go to Edit Menu of QuickBooks
  • Select Preferences
  • Select Send Forms
  • My Preference tab occurs
  • Click on the Outlook radio button
  • Click OK
  • Preferences Window closes

Once have gone through the steps above, your process of setting up Email will be setup in QuickBooks.

How to Setup Webmail in QuickBooks:

Web mail is another option on which QuickBooks Email Set up can be done. There are two options available for web Mail: Secure Web Mail and Regular Web Mail.

Secure Web Mail and QuickBooks Email Setup

The steps are as follows:

  • Go to QuickBooks Edit Menu
  • Select Preferences
  • Select Send Forms
  • My Preference tab occurs
  • Select Web Mail
  • Click Add
  • A Dropdown list of your email provider appears
  • Select your provider
  • Next, give your email id
  • Click on the checkbox of Use Enhanced Security
  • Select OK
  • Sign in to your Intuit account when prompted
  • Now, the Log In page of your webmail will appear
  • Sign in
  • And give Intuit access

Regular Web Mail and QuickBooks Email Set Up

  • Go to QuickBooks Edit menu
  • Select Preferences
  • Select Send Forms
  • Select Web Mail
  • Click on Add
  • Fill up the info of Add Email
  • Click OK

Having problems in QuickBooks Email Set Up?

Call us immediately if you are facing any problems in Email Setup. Right from QuickBooks Email Setup on Gmail, Outlook or Web Mail to any kind of technical glitches, we are there to help, support and guide. We are just a phone call away.  For any issues, call QuickBooks Technical Support Toll-free number and we will help you on-demand.

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