Setup Families First Corona-virus Response Act H.R. 6201 in Sage 50

Setup Families First Corona-virus Response Act

If you are looking to “set up the FFCR Act in your Sage account” then here you go with the process. As this is the act of family first so all the leaves taken in this act contain the family health issue and are mainly related to the corona-virus health concerns.

It is provided by some employers to their employees with the sick leaves that are paid. You also get extended leave for family and medical for some specific reasons that are related to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

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The employees have paid sick leave of up to 80 hours and the expended childcare leave. The childcare leave is applied when their schools are closed and no child care is available. In these types of leaves, it is recommended that they need not include overtime type of pay or not include any regular working hours in it.

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The Method to Set up the FFCRA Act H.R. 6201 in your Sage 50 account

Follow the below all steps to set up FFCRA…

Total Time: 20 minutes

Step 1: For Pay Level Setup

🔹 In your Sage account
🔹 Go to the Maintain menu and from further options click on the Payroll
🔹 Then select the Payroll Settings option
🔹 Now, go to the left navigation bar in the payroll settings window
🔹 Then select the option Company information
🔹 After that, you have to select the Pay Types that are salary pay and hourly pay
🔹 For hourly employees, Add the rate levels of Pay Level with the following name conventions:-
a. EHMPaidSickOth
c. EHMPaidSickLv
🔹 For Salaried employees, It has featured fields in the lower portion and the name conventions that you have to add are as follows:-
a. ESMPaidSickOth
c. ESMPaidSickLv
🔹 You have to verify the payroll tax expense account number and the payroll expense account number fields that contain the correct general ledger account numbers for that you have to pay
🔹 In the end, click on the button Finish.

Step 2: For Employee Record Setup

🔹 First of all, open the Maintain menu
🔹 From more options, click on the Maintain Employees/Sales Reps
🔹 The Maintain Employees/Sales Reps window opens-up and then go to the Employee record that is affected that is salary or hourly basis
🔹 Open the Pay info tab and then do the following:-
a. Define the salary pay rate for the salaried basis employee for the ESRMPaidFMLA or ESMPaidSickLv
b. Define the salary pay rate for the hourly basis employee for the EHRMPaidFMLA or EHMPaidSickLv
🔹 Repeat the above steps according to the need arise for configuring the Employee record impacted under Act’s criteria
🔹 Make sure that the fields ended in PaidSickOth, PaidFMLA, and PaidSickLv have the dollars or hours entries
🔹 when paying to the employees who are affected in the payroll according to the pay type

Step 3: For Reporting

🔹 Go to the menu Reports and Forms
🔹 Then click on the Payroll option
🔹 Now select the form or report that window appears with the Payroll section
🔹 After that, double-click the report named Payroll Register
🔹 You can see the rates on the basis of salary and hourly pay rate types that also includes the history of each employee data
🔹 Now select to use the report options for including the employees that are affected and then save this filtered data to the customized report
🔹 For adding more employees you can easily use the report option and then save the report.

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