Set up E File in QuickBooks

Set up e file in QuickBooks

If you get error message in QuickBooks your company file is missing one or more payroll records, or you have to “set up the missing e file” then most likely you are signing up for E-file or E-pay. As you are facing issues with E-pay thus you will have to maintain and restore backup.

If your e-store backup is out of date, you need to leave it without full or partial set of data of company which triggers this error message that you have missed online tax payment and filling. Don not take on-screen warning as lack in your abilities in E-pay and E-file services.

The Missing E-file

E-file program of Internal Revenue Service’s is also known as EFTPS. If you want to enroll in this, you can be benefited with the option of digital payment of tax, with the help of phone or online. Besides, some states accept e-filed returns.

From January 2014, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, Wisconsin and Virginia have also accepted e-file of W-2s. Whereas, in other remaining 45 states, if your use comprises QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel, and you are to sign to the Payroll Subscription provided by Intuit, you need to go for W-2s and then you can upload the tax to the concerned tax department.

QuickBooks Data Restore

QuickBooks company files comprise information and other information that you may need to record details of your business. To restore the back up of your company file, you can select from other relevant sources, which depends on how you are achieving data and the version of QuickBooks that you are using.

Data Protect can be accessed in QuickBooks from the sub menu of Backup Company of File Menu, in the Backup Status section of the Home page. A dialogue box to be completed in the QuickBooks just to ensure restores Data Protection. An encrypted archive is built in QuickBooks Online Service which can be controlled by server by Intuit. The service runs the same name of the program that can be accessed from the start screen of the Windows.

How to Set up E File in QuickBooks:

For the missing e record, you will see “QuickBooks payroll error“. In this case you should check for the completeness of data. Rebuild the company files in case they are missing e-pay which will show all Liabilities windows of Pay Scheduled. Now, check for e-payment replacement, create a liability, to avoid remittance and duplicate record. Now, uncheck on the button “To Be Printed” and then click on the number field to mark e-payment as liability check.