Transaction Copier for QuickBooks – How to Get and Use

The transaction copier is outstanding Excel add-in software designed for QuickBooks with features that permits you to copy transactions directly from one company file to another QuickBooks company file.

The Add-in feature helps to import files such as deposits, invoices, journals, bills, and more. It also allows pulling transactions after filtering according to date and time.

How to Get and Use QuickBooks Transaction Copier

  • Download the Zip document of the transaction copier from the internet or any external device on your system
  • Unzip the folder containing the software and keep track of where it is located and saved. You can use any open-source software to unzip such as WinZip and more.
  • Open the excel, locate the tool and click on Add-Ins
  • Browse and click the file
  • Hit on OK and then again select the OK button
  • After this, a window will appear on the screen on the top displaying pull-down menu.

How to use this tool

  • Select the transactions including invoices, bills, etc. that you want to export
  • Locate the file then select utilities
  • Click on export
  • Discover the report, select Account & taxes, and create a journal report
  • Ensure that your Microsoft excel is opened select the excel button for the QuickBooks report
  • On clicking this button, transfer the report to excel automatically
  • Implement this tool by clicking the transaction copier for QuickBooks present on the menu.
  • Create an IIF file
  • Locate the file, click utilities, and hit on import button.


Simply pull the transaction that you want to import or export, perform necessary modification and then import it to the financial management program. The IIF documents list can be received from QuickBooks automatically. The Add-in menu contains the integrate function to perform data import settings. Moreover, you can import/export the modified table if presented directly to the IIF document of QuickBooks.

Features and Highlights of QuickBooks Transaction Copier

We ensure that you have installed a transaction copier on the same system containing QuickBooks.

  • Simple to use
  • Direct transaction pulling from one company file to others
  • You can even modify the entered information while importing the transaction
  • The Menu comprises entire mandatory add-on functions needed for configuration
  • You can add a restriction on the list on the base of entries
  • It permits to add of default entries on the basis of transaction types
  • Free trial availability to test before purchase. The free trial can create up to 100 transaction
  • This tool is not version-specific. The IIF file created by this software is compatible with any version. The client can also import the entries into the older version
  • It permits a complete backup feature.

Hopefully, this information becomes a helping hand to know insights about the QuickBooks transaction copier and how to use it. Meanwhile, if you face any difficulty while operating the software or any technical or functional QuickBooks error then simply dial the QuickBooks customer helpdesk number to seek assistance from our QuickBooks experts team for a quick resolution.