Sage 50 Quantum Freezing or Crashes Issue

Sage 50 Quantum Freezing

In this article know the causes and learn how to fix the “Sage 50 Quantum freezing” issue. Sage 50 is a refined and distinct software that promises to deliver the highest level of performance along with greater security and reliability.

Sage 50 Quantum has multiple benefits like report comparison from different financial periods, creating the invoice from data, and editing them as per needs to cater to specific customers. It also allows setting different security levels for different individuals. The software is geared to manage different business needs pertaining to different sectors. However, it’s common for the Sage 50 Quantum to face issues of slowdown or freezing.

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About Error Sage 50 Quantum Freezing

Error: “Sage 50 Accounting has stopped

working” while opening the task window.

The error can happen in several instances:

  • When clicking on an icon or accessing a submenu item, the screen goes completely blank for a few seconds followed by an error message forcing the program to close down.
  • While starting Sage 50 Quantum.
  • After entering a lot of data for about half an hour to an hour continuously causes the software to freeze or slow down a lot.
  • Also, if a user has recently updated to Windows 10.
  • Using Sage 50 US Edition they may be unable to create and/or save a new transaction.
  • Sage 50 may constantly crash with a pop-up – “Sage 50 Accounting has stopped working” after Windows 10 update”

Here are Some of the Causes of Sage 50 Quantum Freezing or Crashes Issue

There are a few potential causes of Sage 50 Quantum freezing or crashing.

  • A Corrupt or damaged company file
  • The attachment folder may be large
  • User Accounts Control Settings or UAC may be preventing Sage from running
  • Unauthorized sharing permission
  • Software blocked by an antivirus or a firewall
  • Software doing an active scan of data folder or Pervasive folder
  • Continuous backup of files or backing up files while sage is running
  • Damaged .NET framework
  • Pervasive auto-loading but cannot be restarted

Troubleshooting Sage 50 Quantum Freezing or Crashes Issue

If you are experiencing problems with your Sage 50 Quantum freezing or crashing, there are a few things that you can do to troubleshoot the issue. If you still experience problems, try resetting your device. Follow below all steps to fix the Sage Quantum freezing issue.

Solution 1: Reinstalling Pervasive

  • Open Task Manager > Click on the Process tab
  • Right-click w3dbsmgr.exe > End task
  • Similarly right click and end msizap.exe task
  • And now resume the installation process

Solution 2: Install the program to the default directory

  • Close Sage 50 installation wizard and restart the installation
  • Now install the program at the following location  “C: Program Files (x86) directory”
  • This is the default directory for 32-bit programs

Solution 3: Installing the Microsoft .NET framework

  • Activate .NET framework version 4.5 (or 4)
  • Now restart the installation from the setup.exe and run as Administrator

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