TurboTax Quebec: Understand what TurboTax free and Provincial taxes are

TurboTax is a number one tax preparation software in Canada. The different versions of the TurboTax software (Deluxe, Premier, Online and Home & Business) has eased the tax-related tasks of the users of the different sectors. TurboTax has been in the industry for the past 20 years and has been the best selling program in the Quebec province since its inception. Seeing this very trend the program has now been made available for free for the 1st year to TurboTax Quebec users. Thus if you are a Quebec resident and know how to run the software then you can file your taxes for free.

Today Taxpayers are more inclined to prepare their own taxes. This has made programs like TurboTax highly effective and popular. Now people can file taxes and returns from the comfort of their home. TurboTax has made the process of doing taxes quite simple. They have their:

  • Desktop Application,
  • Online Application,
  • Application for Tablets and Mobile phones.

With the help of all these tools, you can access all your tax files on the go and can have seamless integration with other devices.

TurboTax Free is a worry-free tax preparation tool that routes in simple ways to file tax for the citizens of Canada.

Do you know…?

Almost 82% of the local residents of Quebec are very avid, knowledgeable and enjoy filing their taxes. This has been reported in a recent national survey operated by TurboTax.

TurboTax Quebec: Easy and Convenient Usability

TurboTax software, especially for Quebecois, is designed in such a way that it offers easy and convenient usability features to its customers. The simple user interface, instructions, and design lure the user to use the software hassle-free. This allows people to be more confident in using and filing the return and ultimately getting the worth of it.

Tax Rates of Quebec Province:

The provincial tax in Quebec province is calculated on the TP1 forms, tax credits both refundable and non-refundable. The Quebec return is submitted to Revenu Quebec department which is different from the federal return that is submitted to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Details of the Tax Brackets for Quebec Province

  • 16% on the first $42,390 of taxable income, +
  • 20% on the next $42,390, +
  • 24% on the next $18,370, +
  • 75% on the amount over $103,150.

The taxable income indicates deductions such as: like the RRSP deduction and child care expenses from your total income.

Working with TurboTax Quebec is the same as working with any TurboTax account, it’s just a matter of getting trained with the program. If you don’t already know how to use TurboTax then check out the clip below:

If you are using TurboTax and is a resident of Quebec then we are here to resolve your issues related to TurboTax Quebec. You can give us a call any time of the day to get your problems fixed. Thus wait no more as AskforAccounting is designed to get you sorted.

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