TurboTax T2202A: Your only way to claim student expenses


TurboTax is a popular tax preparation software and grabs the top position among its competitors: Jackson Hewitt, H&R Block at Home, TaxSlayer, and TaxAct. The leading software solution is preferred by all the business owners in Canada. The potential features incorporated into the program makes the software worth checking out. The software comprises of many in-built tax forms like TurboTax T2202A, T4A, T4 etc. that helps business owners in making their professional life a bit easier.

Features and Benefits of TurboTax Program:

  • The software always remains updated with the latest tax laws. This bundles up the program with the most innovative technology.
  • It helps you file taxes with the easy to follow steps.
  • Helps you Import last year’s data from previous year’s TurboTax and other tax making software.
  • Creates W-2 and 1099 tax forms.
  • Guides you through the process with which you can claim your start-up cost.

What is the TurboTax T2202A tax form?

The T2202A tax form relates to expenses done on Tuition, Education while being a student. The T2202A is especially an income tax form that becomes available from the third week of Feb every single year. The form records tuition and eligible fees, issued at the end of the year, considering the education-related activity within the tax year.

It displays the total tuition fee amount paid and is claimed for the income tax purposes. If you are suitable for the enrollment of the T2202A form, it will also show the eligible months to claim your expenses.

For whom T2202A tax form meant for?

The T2202A tax form can be used by anyone listed under any of the following three categories:

  1. Designated Individuals and finally
  2. Educational institutions.

Do you have to include the T2202A tax form with your income tax return?


You are not supposed to include your T2202A tax form with your income tax return. But you can keep it in case the CRA needs it in the future. A Schedule 11 tax form needs to be included on your income tax return. For detailed information, you can check the CRA website.

TurboTax has benefitted millions of Canadians file their taxes with minimal cost. You can try TurboTax software with no income limits. To learn more about TurboTax you can contact Intuit TurboTax customer care support.

For reimbursing tuition fees or student expenses – how do I enter my T2202A?

It is a very simple process.

You just have to enter the total amount that was not reimbursed, as opposed to what is listed on the slip. That’s all.

Can previous years T2202A be claimed?

You need to enter your T2202A only for the receiving year. In case you have a previous year slip you will need to make an adjustment.

How to claim student expenses in TurboTax T2202A?

Your student expenses can be anything related to your education like education expenses or Textbook amount. If you need to have income tax benefits then filing these expenses helps you reduce your Taxable income.

You can file educational or student expenses using form #T2202A via the online or offline method.

Following the traditional method will not only cost you time and energy but also errors. Thus the best you can do is file via TurboTax T2202A. Follow the steps given below to help yourself do that all with ease:

  1. Login to your TurboTax account.
  2. Build your profile.
  3. From the message that says “Do you have any Student expenses that need to be carry forwarded?” click yes.
  4. Click next and follow the set of prompts. Provide all the info. Necessary.
  5. Enter student expenses, be it related to your textbooks purchase, tuition fees or any other educational expenses under Deductions and Credit section. If you cannot find that already that check out Student section by pressing CTRL+F on your keyboard.
  6. Follow the interview and choose T2202A to claim back your expenses.
  7. Some more info will now be required to enter within TurboTax T2202A. As you go with your expenses, the program will simultaneously calculate your credit and subtract the same from your balances.
  8. Once you are done with the interview, you can view your balances. This can be done by following the path below:
    • Click on the Deductions and credits tab.
    • Choose to click on the student’s button.
    • Finally, click on the student’s summary report and your amount will now be displayed on your screen.

Enhance a Tax Return

When you file your tax return, it is accepted by the CRA, you then receive additional forms requiring extra information. In this scenario, you need to improve the tax return you have already filed. Check that the return was accepted by the CRA or not and they do not alter the return you already filed. The enhanced returns must be filed on a new form called T1-ADJ, T1 Adjustment Request. To do that go through the below-listed steps.

Follow the Steps:

  • Verify that the CRA received your return,
  • Follow all the instructions to alter your return.

Have T2202A but no income. How to proceed?

If you are a citizen of USA or Canada and is a full-time student or attending an eligible school then you are eligible to use T2202A for an education credit. In case you are a dependent, then only you can apply for the credit.

Hope this covers your query on how to file student expenses in TurboTax T2202A. If you are still looking for more info. then suggest talking to our TurboTax professional.

The experienced TurboTax experts employed here accord the authentic information through different modes: Phone support, Email support or via Live Chat. Our professionals assure prompt support by combing knowledge and experience. Thus if you are facing issues filing taxes via TurboTax then call us now.

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