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TurboTax is the popular tax preparation software in Canada. Initially, launched in the year 1980 by Intuit, is available for both Mac & PC users. If you are planning to use the platform to manage your own taxes then “TurboTax Walmart Canada” can be a great option. Click on the link to buy one for yourself.

TurboTax is highly flexible and can be used on the go. For the business owners who travel a lot, can use the software in mobile. They can do that by installing a few required apps.

TurboTax is especially designed for both federal and state income tax returns. The software comes in different versions for meeting the requirements of different customers. Each version has been integrated with different features to fulfill different market requirements. TurboTax offers a free trial version that the users can use and verify before making a final purchase.

Though the software can be easily purchased from Intuit website if you want great deals on your purchase then head over to Walmart.ca.

Walmart.ca is the online sales site for Canada only. It operates a growing chain of more than 400 stores nationwide serving millions of customers every day. More than that six hundred thousand customers visit Walmart.ca every single day. With such a huge traffic and millions of products listed, Walmart sure can’t be neglected.

Different Versions for TurboTax Walmart Canada

TurboTax has great versions available for different requirements of different businesses. You need to choose the right version of TurboTax that will determine the success of your business. It is a difficult task to choose the right version, so the trial version can help you. For the self-employed person and small businesses, the TT business version is recommended whereas for company employees the basic version is recommended.

TurboTax Basic:

The TurboTax basic version comes with simple usability and is recommended if you are filing an easy return with no deductions.It is specially designed comprising of easy steps to guide the user.

You can easily transfer your companies financial data from other tax preparation software’s within TurboTax all with ease. The basic version offers an extra 5% bonus on all of your federal refunds. You can easily file your federal and state tax returns. The highlights of Turbotax basic version are as follows:

  • Easy usability to all completed TurboTax returns.
  • Best Quality customer support by live chat and phone.
  • Complete accuracy in all calculations are guaranteed.

TurboTax Deluxe:

This version offers the similar benefits of as TT Basic version. It helps the user to seek the deductions and credits and prompts you questions to ascertain that anything is not missed.

TurboTax Premier:

The TT Premier version offers all the features of the basic and deluxe version. It also provides users with guidance on their investments and is recommended for consumers who own stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. TurboTax premier version is highly affordable and is specially designed to calculate taxes related to investments and rental property.

TurboTax premier allows 5% bonus on a federal tax refund. This tax preparation software accords best rental depreciation method. You are also provided all the guidance about the new rental properties.

  • It has a real-time update feature for all recent law changes.
  • Calculates cost basis for stock sales.

TurboTax Home & Business:

This version offers all the great benefits of the above versions. It also offers guidance to sole proprietors, contractors, consultants or single owner LLC.

With all the features known from different versions of TurboTax, you can make your purchase through walmart.ca. In case you face any issues in placing an order with Walmart you can get in touch with Walmart Canada support.

Please note:

If you are a permanent resident of Canada and want to place an order to be shipped to an address in the United States, you need to confirm your order on Walmart.com.

Powerful Features of TurboTax software:

The software is amalgamated with strong features that make the tax preparation easy as child’s play.

  • TurboTax comprise of all the expenses that people usually ignore, these include business costs, vehicle & advertising costs, traveling expenses etc. The inclusion of all these expenses ensures the minimal tax payment.
  • Complete accuracy in all calculations guaranteed.
  • Handle multiple businesses of different categories. Federal e-files are attached to avoid paper filing.
  • TurboTax assists in diagnosing industry-specific deductions to calculate common expenses that are usually ignored or overlooked. Unveil new tax saving strategies for your business. TurboTax reviews your largest investments/assets to seek the best tax-saving strategy for your business.

The software helps you to stay confident about your taxes. It performs double checking to your taxes for any errors or uncertain options. In case you face a state penalty or IRS, TurboTax management will wrap up all the penalty costs/interest fees.

TurboTax alerts you with notifications about any risk of an IRS audit. In case if any further assistance is demanded then you can always approach tax professionals who are available to assists when you want. You can also try reaching them out on Skype or on phone. The software is highly affordable and saves you loads in the long run. Thus if you still haven’t but one for yourself then head over to Turbotax Walmart Canada.

Benefits of Purchasing TurboTax via Walmart.

  • You pay comparatively less when you purchase TurboTax from Walmart.
  • You get round the clock customer support. Thus you can give a call and all your issues will be taken care off even in the odd hours.
  • Extra discounts on additional services.

If any of your queries have still been unanswered then you can directly get in touch with Turbotax customer support. Our experienced TurboTax experts and guides will help you resolve all your Turbotax issues who can be approached over the phone or live chat option. Thus get in touch and get all your TurboTax Walmart Canada issues sorted now.

You can even give us a call at our TurboTax Phone Number 800 talk to our Proadvisor now.

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