Turn off quickbooks messenger: How to disable it within quickbooks pro 2016-2017

Turn off quickbooks messenger: How to disable it within quickbooks pro 2016-2017

by qbproca

Turn off quickbooks messenger

QB Messenger is one of the most essential features provided by quickbooks. It helps different users to communicate with each other logged in at the same time. Thus Quickbooks messenger is pretty useful in the multi window mode as it makes sharing easy and convenient.

Are you a Quickbooks user?

If you need to work on quickbooks messenger then:

  • Enable multi user mode in quickbooks.
  • Under bottom right corner of your dashboard, locate Qb messenger icon.
  • By default the Qb messenger feature within your quickbooks account gets activated automatically.
  • If you need to open the messenger, then right click on the icon and click on open.
  • Your quickbooks messenger will be launched and you will be communicating to people logged in.

Turn off quickbooks messenger feature:

If you don’t want to use quickbooks messenger then you can turn off the feature within quickbooks. Follow the steps to do the same:

  1. Within quickbooks, sign in as admin under a multi user mode.
  2. Now click on files and then press the utilities tab.
  3. From the window that will appear now, hit the disable Qb messenger tab.
  4. Now log out and then login again and your quickbooks messenger would now be turned off.

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