Turn on QuickBooks Audit Trail Report

QuickBooks Audit Trail is one of the most advanced tools, it works like a savior while users track all lost transactions. Learn “how to turn on QuickBooks Audit Trail Report”. Most of the attributes enable this tool which makes monitoring profiles to track all QuickBooks Data files with quick access.

In addition, you get authorization to work with multiple users simultaneously on the same process to achieve the goal timely. To run QuickBooks Audit Trail Report, users need to turn it on with the proper procedures. This blog will help you to learn how to run this tool along with the complete procedure and all mandatory functions.

Why is QuickBooks Audit Trail Necessary

  • It provides access that makes it easy to view the record of all old transactions which is one of the major reasons to introduce this tool in QuickBooks.
  • This tool also helps you to train your new employees without any hassle. They will get complete knowledge of how to run QuickBooks software with all the necessary information.

To Turn on QuickBooks Audit Trail Report, the User Needs to follow the below steps

  • Enter your first click on the “Edit Menu” and then choose the “Preferences” command
  • Then the user has to go forward with the “Accounting preference” option
  • After that, drop your arrow at the “Left icon bar” which indicates the option of new changes
  • And then need to click on the “Accounting set of preferences”
  • Hit your next click on the “Company Preferences tab” from the drop-down menu
  • Then the user needs to call “QuickBooks” and give them the alert message that you need to use “Audit”
  • Must be sure about the “Audit Trail Checkbox” and proceed forward with an OK click. This click will indicate QuickBooks that is calling for using the audit trail
  • Once you are done with this process, QuickBooks will help you to keep a record of

Steps to Customize QuickBooks Audit Trail Report

  • Display option: Users can view multiple options under the Display option. The report comes with a date range, days entered along with all last modified filters. In that case, users just need to show the date when the transaction was edited. You have an option to view all deleted transactions, just on the right side of your screen
  • Filter’s function: Filters basically used to amplify the search for all transactions. You will find numerous filters to select from personal details such as name, account, amount, vendor, customer job, and all required details. To run with these filters, select the option as per you want from the available preferences and then enter all mandatory information just in the middle of the input box. You can also remove the filter just by choosing the “Remove selected filter” option.
  • Header/Footer: This will help you to make some new changes in the content likewise you can change or make new header and footer reports as per your accordingly. It is an easy process to edit or modify these fields just by a single click and you are done with this process.
  • Fonts and number: While processing with QuickBooks Audit Trail, make sure about the correct transactions when it is loaded with new entries.

After following the above instructions, if you still need any help or advice. To rectify all queries Audit trail how to delete audit trail and how to erase and run. you can chat with one of the QuickBooks experts via the QB LIVE CHAT link or you can send all queries at this email address [email protected]. QuickBooks Consultant expert team always welcomes its clients/customers with 24-hour service availability to resolve all issues.

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