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The one hosted by QuickBooks is the online version of QuickBooks, which will answer your query “What is QuickBooks hosting“.

QuickBooks accounting software developed by Intuit Inc. has brought a revolutionary change in the accounting world. QuickBooks software offers multiple versions like Enterprise, Premier, Pro, Online, and Mac. Both desktop and cloud versions are available for QuickBooks users. You can have your QuickBooks hosted by Intuit or by a third-party service provider. Intuit could foresee the bang made by QuickBooks file hosting and thus developed a separate version made for remote access of data.

Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks desktop version offers great functionalities but restricts all your accounting activity to your office only. This version restricted the approach to company files and data anytime, anywhere and that was the main problem raised while using the QuickBooks desktop. Cloud computing has undoubtedly witnessed a boom in recent years, be it software or accounting. For the same reason these are the below-enlisted benefits of hosting your QuickBooks file on the cloud and using the QuickBooks Online version unlike the Desktop version:

  • QuickBooks Online and hosting enables you to access all your accounting data at your fingertips. QuickBooks Online does not Consultant some functions like creating purchase orders and providing a company overview but still can provide remote access to all your data. If you are hosting QuickBooks software by a third-party service provider then you can generally fill the loopholes created by QuickBooks online software.
  • QuickBooks Hosting is a blend of QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. It accords you the potential functional features of QuickBooks desktop with remote accessibility of QuickBooks online.
  • Multiple users can contribute to the work with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Hosting. This improves the performance of your company.
  • Entire company files and data will be safe and secure with a backup available on the cloud. Your data is uploaded to the cloud on a regular basis.
  • Minimize costs to spend money on maintenance staff and hardware to store your data. You need to pay the subscription fee only.
  • QuickBooks Hosting can be linked with PayPal and can be used for various other functionalities.
  • The security of your data can be left to the hosting service provider. They will take the appropriate measures to keep your data safe.
  • Your data in QuickBooks online is secured by Intuit. This will enable you to get a peaceful sleep.

QuickBooks hosting benefits do outweigh the cost. It is safe, secure, and affordable. Thus all of the above points are good enough to compel you to prefer QuickBooks on Cloud.

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