Which Inventory Costing Method Does QuickBooks Use to Track Inventory..


To answer the question straight away, Quickbooks only and only offers average inventory cost method. Though there are other inventory costing methods that are available but these are not directly offered by quickbooks or any version of it.

Which Inventory Costing Method Does QuickBooks Use to Track Inventory

So how does quickbooks work with average cost inventory method?

What quickbooks does is it calculates the average cost of all the items purchased in a set period of time by dividing the total cost with the total items within the said category. Thus your formula for calculating the average cost of inventory within quickbooks will be:

Average cost = Total cost / Total number of items.

The biggest benefit of such a method is that the fluctuations within the cost are smoothed and you get uniform results, moreover there is less of a headache with using such a method.

What is the Item Cost within QuickBooks?

Inorder for quickbooks to calculate the average cost for your each item you would need to supply the following details:

  • Name,
  • Description,
  • Number of products purchased,
  • Cost of each item etc.

After suppling all this info. now you will be able to see “Cost fields” and these will be:

  • Average cost: Here QuickBooks will calculate the average cost of an item. This is calculated as per the above given formula like (total cost) / (total # items).
  • Cost: This will be the recent cost of an item that you purchased an item for. It also includes the freight cost as well. Thus this column will tell you the real cost of an item purchased.

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