Will QuickBooks be your Accounting Software in 2018?

Running your business can be exciting, but managing your company’s finances can be tough. That’s where professional accounting software, like QuickBooks, comes into play. Not only does it make managing your company accounts easy, but it also helps you to stay ahead of your business by giving you a complete insight into your business numbers.

With QuickBooks, you can do a Variety of Accounting tasks like:

  • Send invoices
  • Manage account receivables
  • Track inventory
  • Pay employees, vendors, and client
  • Print checks
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Be tax ready and more.

In fact, the latest version of QuickBooks – QuickBooks 2017 – offers a number of new and improved features that can help you do more with fewer efforts. Here are some features that make QuickBooks the most sought-after accounting software in 2017:

Scheduled reports

With this new feature of QuickBooks, you can send reports on a regular and recurring scheduled time – daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. You can even send multiple reports in one schedule. The feature is available with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant 2017, and Enterprise V 17.0.

Here’s how you can create a new scheduled report:

  • From the QuickBooks Reports menu, select Scheduled Reports and then select Schedule Setup.
  • Choose the report you want to send.
  • Click Next to set up a report schedule.
  • Give your new schedule a name.
  • Set how often you want to send the report.
  • Select Start Date and Time.
  • Click Next to proceed.
  • Enter the e-mail address you want to send the report to.
  • Assign a password for the report attachments for security reasons.
  • Click Schedule to complete the process.

Smart Search

This feature saves your time by quickly locating the accounts, items, or clients that you are searching for in your report. You just have to type in a few characters of the name and QuickBooks will automatically fill in the rest. The Smart Search feature is available with all versions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software.

To access this feature,

  • From the menu bar, select Edit.
  • Go to Preferences and select General preference
  • Go to the My Preferences tab and select the ‘Automatically open drop-down list when typing’ option.
  • Click Ok to apply the changes.

In between the amount of search

QuickBooks 2017 allows you to search between two different values to find a transaction, without the need to remember the exact amount. This feature is also available in all versions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software.

To use this feature,

  • Open your report and select Customize Report.
  • Now go to the Filters tab and select Amount.
  • A search option will be offered to fill in the amount range.
  • Fill in the desired range and click OK to search the amount.

Vendor and customer type filter

This is another powerful feature in QuickBooks 2017 that allows you to quickly and efficiently filter the customer or vendor list by type to find the customer or vendor you are looking for. This feature is included in all versions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software.

Here’s how to use this feature:

  • In the Customer Center, click on the magnifying glass under the Customer and Jobs tab, and from the drop-down menu, select Customer Type.
  • In the Vendor Center, click on the magnifying glass under the Vendor tab, and from the drop-down menu, select Vendor Type.

Show applied filters on reports

QuickBooks 2017 allows you to view all applied filters on a report. Click on the ‘Show’ button to quickly view all of your filters. Similarly, you can click on the ‘Hide’ button to hide all filters from your report.

Improved selection of filters

QuickBooks has vastly improved the selection of filters in its latest edition. Filters now have an improved user interface that allows you to select multiple names at the same time, which helps in quickly selecting or de-selecting names and makes accounting tasks easier.

To activate multiple filters,

  • Click Customize Report
  • Select the Filters tab
  • Choose Multiple

This feature is included in all versions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software.

Improved multi-user mode

With QuickBooks 2017, you can now easily between single- and multi-user modes. The improved tool allows you to easily log out other users and work on QuickBooks in single-user mode. You can also set a timer of up to 10 minutes for other users to save their data and log out.

Deposit notification

In QuickBooks 2017, you can now track all payments that are waiting for deposit through a red notification in the Banking section on your home screen.

Miscellaneous improvements

Various other improvements in QuickBooks 2017 include:

  • A Record Deposits icon that shows the number of deposits available.
  • A Cleared flag shows cleared charges on credit cards.
  • The company name will now be printed on the deposit summary.
  • If a user is deleted from the report, his name will still show in the audit report.
  • You can copy/paste detail lines on weekly timesheets.
  • Various security components have been changed to ensure the security of your data.

With all these enhanced features and components, QuickBooks 2017 will definitely make running your business easier than ever. Want to move or upgrade your existing software to QuickBooks 2017? Expert help is just a call away. Call askforaccounting.com to connect to QuickBooks experts. They can securely move all your data to QuickBooks 2017 software and help you get started.

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