Import Invoices into QuickBooks Online

This article will tell you How to “Import Invoices into QuickBooks Online“. So, without any hassle, you can import invoices to share your work with your employees.

QuickBooks makes everything easy in accounting including exporting, importing, or deleting data. But to run these processes, users need to know about all details and perform a few steps accurately. The information helps you to import data at once with a clear vision to save valuable time.

Steps to Import Invoices into QuickBooks Online

Follow the mentioned steps to import invoices into QuickBooks Online.

Step 1: Check and Ready Your Spreadsheet

  • Before heading towards importing invoices, ensure that everything is correct in your spreadsheet
  • Enter all required details in the given section such as Invoice number, due date, item amount, item tax code, customer, and item tax code.
  • In case, if invoices have multiple line items then the user has to be sure that every line entry comes with an invoice number, invoice date, and customer same in the sample spreadsheet.
  • If you calculate the taxes then just need to add the tax rate to the invoices of your spreadsheet.
  • While processing the importing, the user needs to make a map for the tax codes that you already created in the QuickBooks tax codes.
  • After this, you can map every column which is heading towards the invoice fields while importing process takes place.
  • To avoid mistakes, you have to check the “What’s needed to import invoices” or “Download the sample spreadsheet
  • If you find any new data then make sure you update all details about the services, vendors, or customers before proceeding with the import procedure.

Step 2: Follow the Below Steps, Switch to Custom Transaction Numbers Mode

  • To track the invoices, if you utilize the numbers, then you need to turn on your custom transaction number.
  • If you are unable or forget to turn on this feature then QuickBooks automatically number the invoices for every individual.
  • In the first step, open the settings menu
  • Choose the Sales tab
  • Hit the click on the “Edit” button
  • Go to the “Sales” from the content section
  • Now, you have to choose the Custom Transaction Numbers
  • At last click on the Save button to finish the process.

Step 3: Upload the Spreadsheet Accurately

  • The user is required to update the spreadsheet to begin the importing process
  • Choose Invoices
  • You have a choice to enter new customers under the browser button. This step is optional.
  • Moving forward and choose the browser
  • Then locate and choose the spreadsheet of your invoices
  • Chose the NEXT button to do with this step.

Point to be Noted: If you add any new imported customer without its currency setting then QuickBooks assumptions generally prefer the USD currency. But, if you turn on the multi-currency feature then invoices are imported in foreign currencies automatically.

Step 4: Map the Import Fields

  • After following all the above steps, map the import fields. Check and must be sure about the spreadsheet’s column match with your QuickBooks fields.
  • Firstly, you need to map the headers with invoice fields in QuickBooks. Required asterisks (*) in the given fields
  • Choose the “Not Applicable” option for any field
  • In any case, if a product or service is not available, then QuickBooks Occupy itself with a generic item known as “Sales
  • Choose the date format your according
  • Hit the next click on the “Exclusive or Inclusive” according to your tax option
  • Click on NEXT and you are all done with this process.

Step 5: Now, You are all set to Import Invoices

  • After mapping the fields, check the summary of your import.
  • Ensuring about all things, click on the “Import” button. Once you are done with the process
  • Click on the OK button If invoices are imported
  • If you find any difficult to import then click on the why option
  • Agree with the displayed instructions and click on Done
  • In a while, all data is imported and you are all done with this processing.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned data was enough to Know How to Import Invoices into QuickBooks online. All these advanced features of this accounting software are at the top pedestal of accountancy management across the world.

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  • Que: How would I add Multiple Invoices in QuickBooks?

    ● Choose the Sales menu and select the “All Sales” tab
    ● Mark the checkboxes for selected transactions that you need to email or print
    ● Hit the next click on the “Batch Actions”
    ● Choose the Print transactions or Send transactions

  • Que: How would I Edit Various Invoices in QuickBooks?

    ● Click on the New+ icon
    ● Select the Batch Transactions
    ● From the Transaction Type menu and then choose “Invoices”
    ● Go to the Action menu and click on the “Modify” button
    ● Select all the checkboxes for the invoices that you required to modify
    ● From the Actions fly-out menu, click on the EDIT button
    ● And you get access to make new changes

  • Que: How can I Save the Multiple invoices in QuickBooks?

    ● From the Sales menu, choose the Invoices tab
    ● Locate and open the Invoice
    ● From the available options, click on the “Print or Preview” button
    ● Choose the folder where you need to save the PDF file
    ● Click on the Save button.

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