QuickBooks Won't Export to Excel

QuickBooks Won’t Export to Excel & Crashes When Exporting to Excel

In the below write-up, we will learn about how to fix the QuickBooks won’t export to Excel or QuickBooks crashes when exporting to Excel. Sometimes users encounter errors where they cannot open the QuickBooks with excel to perform export tasks.

While using QuickBooks software, the user faces the problem where they often encounter the problem QuickBooks won’t export to excel and QuickBooks crashes when exporting to excel. The issue arises most of the time when the user has upgraded his QuickBooks application. If the update is not done properly, then Excel would crash whenever you are trying to Export or execute transactions like emailing, reporting, transacting journals, and many more.

Many times users face the issue of failure to export the data to excel from QuickBooks. It takes place due to the unable to identify excel installed on the computer.

Why is an Export Error Happening in QuickBooks?

It usually occurs while updating QuickBooks. When the update process is incomplete, the user may face the inability to export to excel from QuickBooks.

  • Corrupted or Damaged MS Excel
  • Damaged files of QuickBooks
  • Update missing
  • The file registry is not Correctly Working.

How to Fix QuickBooks Won’t Export to Excel Issue

The most common method to fix the won’t Export to Excel issue is re-registering the Microsoft keys by re-installing or simply repairing the Microsoft office. It will help the accounting software in identifying excel in the system. Here is the list of methods you need to follow to resolve the unable to export error.

Step 1: Update QuickBooks Desktop

  • First Go to the Help menu.
  • And then select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • After that select Update Now, then select Get Updates.
  • Open QuickBooks and export a report, after you update.
  • You have to go to the Reports menu and then you have to open any report on the list.
  • Then you have to select the Excel button. Including Excel, all export options, should be available.

Step 2: Check QuickBooks system requirements

  • With specific versions of Microsoft Office, each version of QuickBooks Desktop works. You can check the system requirements for your version of QuickBooks 2011 to 2023.
  • You will need to upgrade if your version of Microsoft Office isn’t Compatible.

Step 3: Repair Microsoft Office

  • You have to right-click the Start button that is in the lower-left corner, and then you have to select Apps and Features on the pop-up menu.
  • Then you have to select the Microsoft Office product that you want to repair and then you have to select Modify.
  • Depending on the case of your copy of Office being a Click-to-run or MSI-based install, you will see the following options to proceed with the repair. For your installation type, you have to follow the steps.
  • Follow the steps that are visible on the screen to complete the repair.

Step 4: Toggle Windows User Account Controls (UAC)

You have to toggle your Windows UAC settings on and off. This can reset anything blocking the export feature.

  • You have to open the Windows Start menu. Then you have to type User Control Settings into the search and then you have to open User Account Control Settings.
  • Then you have to select and move the slider to Never Notify. Then you have to select OK.
  • Now restart your computer.

Step 5: Copy all the Company Files to the Desktop

  • Firstly close your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Now copy all the company files to the Desktop.
  • After this, Open QuickBooks desktop and locate the file.
  • Choose Open or Restore Company where you stored the content of the company file.

Step 6: Fill in all the Required Details

  • Initially, log in to the QuickBooks account.
  • Locate the Gear icon.
  • Hit on Company Settings.
  • After this, fill in the contact details or other needed information.
  • Choose the Save option and then click Done.
  • At last, open QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Perform the import process again.

How to Fix Export Issue in QuickBooks for MAC

When the system failed to fulfill the needed specification to operate QuickBooks, then the export issue in MAC might take place. Here is the required specification.

QuickBooks for Mac 2016 R5 or Mac OS 10.10.2 is required
• Intel Core Duo or advanced is recommended
• 2.4 GB RAM needed
• Minimum 250 MB disk space is needed
• Required active internet connection with functioning adobe readers for printing forms

How to Resolve QuickBooks MAC Won’t Export to Excel?

  • Firstly verify whether the system is compatible with the excel version you are accessing.
  • After this, check the system on whether it meet the required minimum specification needed to work with accounting software.
  • If the system meets the needed specification, then there might be the chances of installation issues of QuickBooks or Excel.
  • To verify the error, whether it does not appear due to excel, there is a need to re-register the Microsoft keys by performing re-installation or repair of Microsoft office. Once done, it will allow QuickBooks to identify the excel application on the system.
  • Verifying the installation issue, there requires a clean installation to rectify QuickBooks’ major installation issues.

The reason for these issues can be your QuickBooks software is unable to recognize Excel on your system.

How to Fix QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting to Excel Issue

  • Corrupt MS Excel Software
  • QuickBooks software is damaged
  • File Registry is not working properly

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting to Excel

To solve your QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel error, you would need to go through the following given steps:

  • Open your Customer Center and select Transactions from the Transaction Pane.
  • From the list of Transactions select the transaction for the transaction journal.
  • Select your transaction journal.
  • Click on the Excel Button and create a new Worksheet and export this report to excel.
  • Ensure you are opening the Item List before you open your Report.
  • Select List and Open Item List.
  • Select and Open the Report you want to open from Report Menu.
  • Select the email button, select Export to Excel, and from the drop-down list select Excel or email as excel.

Permission by Export

  • Bank Transaction Export: Before exporting a file to QuickBooks you can use Bank Transaction Export to export, (a .iif or .csv file).
  • Bills Export: Bills Export converts as .csv or .iif file and then further exports these files to your QuickBooks.
  • Calendar Export: Calendar Export can be used to export your calendar items to another application.
  • Contact Notes Export: This option will export all your Contacts and Contact Notes in Clio.

How to Fix QuickBooks Freezes When Exporting to Excel Issue

There are many causes that may end up with a problem like QuickBooks crashes when exporting to excel. Well, there is certainly a solution to everything (discussed above), but you need to look at the cause of the error in order to apply a fix. Below are the top three causes that we have found at the time when QuickBooks crashes.

  • One or more accounts is using the same description as QuickBooks, but the accounting type is different than that of QuickBooks.
  • The accounting CS account number does not match with QuickBooks accounts.
  • So it does not recognize the accounts that are used for exporting the transactions.
  • To avoid such conditions one should manually add the accounts in QuickBooks.
  • The account and explanations in accounting CS and those in QuickBooks do not match.

Even after following the resolutions, if you are not able to solve your queries, you can contact our QuickBooks technical Consultant team to fix QuickBooks excel greyed out. Our specialist is always here to assist you. You can reach out to our QuickBooks customer Consultant team for additional and instant help services on our toll-free number. Our QuickBooks error consultant team provides 24*7 customer assistance.

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