Ask for Accounting News QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel. 8 Easy steps to fix it.

QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel. 8 Easy steps to fix it.

Ask for Accounting News QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel. 8 Easy steps to fix it.

QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel. 8 Easy steps to fix it.

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Though QuickBooks is the best accounting software for your bookkeeping needs but it is also not free from errors. One such problem that you might complain about is QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel.

QuickBooks is one of the best know book-keeping software for all business owners who need timely financial advisers. Ease of use and robust features makes QuickBooks the most widely used accounting software. The most commonly used features of QuickBooks are initialising business plans, preparing spreadsheets and invoices, filing taxes, maintain income and expenses sheets and many more. QuickBooks Desktop is easily integrated with other softwares making user-friendly

QuickBooks provides a secure environment to all your Company Data Files. It password protection, and is a person is not having authorization or proper login credentials, he/she cannot access the QuickBooks Desktop account. It works with an Administration User who has the complete authority create or delete users with their own Username and Password.

While using QuickBooks software, user faces the problem where they often encounter the problem “QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel”. The issue arises most of the time when the user has upgraded his QuickBooks application. If the update is not done properly, then Excel would crash whenever you are trying to Export or execute transactions like emailing, reporting, transacting journals and many more.

The reason for these issues can be your QuickBooks software is unable to recognize Excel on your system

QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel: Issues faced.

  • Corrupt MS Excel Software
  • QuickBooks software is damaged
  • File Registry is not working properly


QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel

To solve your QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel error, you would need to go through the following given steps:

  1. Open your Customer Centre and select Transactions from the Transaction Pane
  2. From the list of Transactions select the transaction for transaction journal
  3. Select your transaction journal
  4. Click on the Excel Button and create a new Worksheet and export this report to excel
  5. Ensure you are opening Item List before you open your Report
  6. Select List and Open Item List
  7. Select and Open the Report you want to open from Report Menu
  8. Select email button, select Export to Excel and from the drop-down list select Excel or email as excel

Permission by Export

  • Bank Transaction Export : Before exporting a file to QuickBooks you can use Bank Transaction Export  to export, (a .iif or .csv file).
  • Bills Export: Bills Export converts as .csv or .iif file and then further exports these files to your QuickBooks
  • Calendar Export: Calendar Export can be used to export your calendar items to another application
  • Contact Notes Export: This option will export all your Contacts and Contact Notes in Clio

QuickBooks freezes when exporting to Excel: Causes

There are many causes that may end up with a problem like “QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel”. Well there is certainly a solution to everything (discussed above), but you need to look at the cause of the error inorder to apply a fix. Below are the top three causes that we have found at the time when QuickBooks crashes.

  • One or more accounts is using the same description as QuickBooks, but the accounting type is different than that of QuickBooks.
  • The accounting CS account number does not match with QuickBooks accounts, so it does not recognize the accounts that are used for exporting the transactions. To avoid such conditions one should manually add the accounts in the QuickBooks.
  • The account and explanations in accounting CS and those in QuickBooks does not match.

Even after following the resolutions you are not able to solve your queries, you can contact our QuickBooks technical support team. Our specialist is always here to assist you. You can reach out to our QuickBooks customer support team  for additional and instant help services on our toll-free number 1800-940-7442. Our QuickBooks customer support team provides 24*7 customer assistance.

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