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QuickBooks Super Condense Features

Welcome to AskforAccounting company, a QuickBooks Service provider. We offer QuickBooks accounting services such as data conversiondata recoverypassword recoveryrebuilding dataverificationcondensing dataerror resolution, and many more. We’ve successfully helped clients with QuickBooks (Online and Desktop) over the last 5 years. In this blog, we’ll discuss the topic of QuickBooks super condense.

QuickBooks super condense is a service designed to address the challenges of managing large QuickBooks data files. When your QuickBooks file becomes too large, it can lead to sluggish performance and slow responsiveness. This service offers an effective solution by significantly reducing the file size, resulting in higher performance, network stability, and a reduced risk of data corruption.

Super Condense can help you meet the QuickBooks Online upload requirements by reducing the target count. It also streamlines the process of upgrading to newer QuickBooks versions and improves compatibility with third-party applications. This service is a more advanced version of the standard condense feature in QuickBooks, allowing you to retain historical data after a specific cutoff date.

Maximize QuickBooks Efficiency with QuickBooks Super Condense: Data Cleanup

Do you find your QuickBooks data file slowing down due to over three years of data or exceeding 1GB in size? QuickBooks super-condense is the solution. Here are the advantages of using this service:

  • Reduce target count to under 350,000 for QuickBooks Online upload.
  • Experience improved responsiveness and faster performance.
  • Enhance network stability.
  • Reduce the risk of data corruption.
  • Achieve a significant file size reduction, often between 40-75%.
  • Optionally remove inactive customers, vendors, and items to stay under the 14,500 limit for Pro/Premier.
  • Convert large files to QuickBooks Online if they exceed 350,000 targets.
  • Simplify upgrading to newer QuickBooks versions.
  • Offer manual condense for Canadian, Australian, and UK editions of QuickBooks.
  • Enjoy improved performance when using third-party applications.

The super-condense service is an advanced version of the QuickBooks native condense feature. After the process, you receive a smaller data file with all historical data beyond a specified cutoff date.

How Does the QuickBooks Condensing Utility Work?

Simply upload a backup of your QuickBooks file. We perform the super-condense and provide a secure download link for the smaller file. This service is compatible with international QuickBooks editions, including the US, UK, Canadian, and Australian versions. Weekend service is available.

The updated QuickBooks condensing utility offers improved functionality compared to its previous version. In the past, it reduced the company file size by removing transaction details and creating a journal entry for the data. However, the new version allows users to remove the audit trail while retaining transaction details, resulting in a faster and more effective condensing process. If you’re using QuickBooks 2019, here’s how to condense your data file…

  • Go to the “File” menu and select “Utility.”
  • Choose the “Condense Data” option from the utility menu.
  • Under “Condense Data,” select the option to keep all transactions but remove audit trail info up to a specific date.
  • Clicking this option will reduce your company file size by approximately 40%.5.
  • As the process completes, a window will provide details of the company file reduction, including the backup location.

Distinguishing Between Condense and Super-condense

It’s quite straightforward – QuickBooks offers an in-built utility to reduce the size of your QuickBooks data file. The QuickBooks Condense function transforms closed transactions into summarized journal entries and removes unused list items, such as customers, employees, and vendors. However, there are specific transaction types that the Condense operation won’t eliminate.

On the other hand, the super-condense service is an advanced version of QuickBooks’ condense feature. It delivers a fully functional data file with a significantly reduced size while preserving all historical data. The super-condense file service achieves a remarkable reduction in file sizes, typically ranging from 50% to 80% of the original size. This results in faster loading times and enhanced performance.

Presently, QuickBooks Online can only convert desktop data files under 350MB in size. QuickBooks users can shrink any file size, facilitating a smooth transition to QuickBooks Online. This service produces smaller QuickBooks files that are less susceptible to corruption, exhibit faster load times, and operate more efficiently. With reduced hard drive space requirements, updating to new QuickBooks versions becomes more straightforward.


In conclusion, QuickBooks super condense is a valuable service for businesses seeking to improve the performance and responsiveness of their QuickBooks data files. Significantly reducing file sizes, allows for smoother operations and faster loading times. If you’ve been struggling with large data files in QuickBooks, consider utilizing this service to streamline your financial management. Should you encounter any issues or require further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts for support and guidance. Your data efficiency is our priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuickBooks Super Condense, and how does it work?

QuickBooks condense is a specialized service that significantly reduces the file size of QuickBooks data files. It works by removing unnecessary data, such as old transactions and audit trails while retaining essential transaction details. This service is particularly useful for improving the performance of sluggish QuickBooks files.

What are the key benefits of using the Super Condense service?

The super condense service offers several benefits, including reduced file size, higher responsiveness, improved network stability, lower risk of data corruption, and faster system performance. It can also help you comply with size limits for certain QuickBooks versions and facilitate smoother upgrades.

Can Super Condense be used for international versions of QuickBooks?

Yes, the super condense service is compatible with international versions of QuickBooks, including those used in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. It provides file reduction services for a wide range of QuickBooks editions.

How does the Super Condense process work, and what is the expected reduction in file size?

The super condense process involves uploading a backup of your QuickBooks file, which is then processed to remove unnecessary data. The service typically results in a file size reduction ranging from 40% to 75%, leading to improved performance and efficiency.

What file size limitations should I be aware of when using Super Condense?

QuickBooks Online has a file size limitation for desktop data files (under 350MB). With the Super Condense service, you can reduce file sizes to meet these limits, making it easier to transition to QuickBooks Online.

Is the Super Condense service available on weekends, and where can I seek assistance if I encounter issues?

Yes, the Super Condense service is available on weekends for your convenience. If you encounter any issues or have questions about the service, you can reach out to our experts for assistance and guidance. Your satisfaction and successful data management are our top priorities.