Delete Transactions in QuickBooks Online

In this article, you get all the information on how you can delete transactions in QuickBooks Online account. You also get to know the reasons for deleting the transactions.

Are you not sure about the transaction details that you just created?
Do you want to delete the transactions that are superfluous that are only taking up space? Have you mistakenly created the transaction?

What are the Reasons that lead you to Delete Transactions in QuickBooks Online?

Various reasons are there that you conduct the delete transaction process. So, here is the list of some reasons:-

  • When you created a transaction with the wrong details
  • The transaction is unwanted
  • You have created the transaction mistakenly transaction is damaged.

What are the Solution Steps to Delete Transactions in QuickBooks Online in Various Ways?

There are different ways to delete transactions using different options. You get the solution steps if you want to delete transactions from different sections like lists, bank, sales, expenses, etc.

To Delete the Transaction Using the Search Option

  • In the QuickBooks Online account, go to the Search icon and click on it that is on the top-right side of the window
  • Then find the transaction that you want to delete by typing in the search option
  • After getting the transaction on your screen, go to the footer and click on the More option
  • Then, click on the option Delete
  • Press the Yes option to confirm the deletion
  • After deleting the transaction, it can be viewed from Audit Log only.

To Delete from Sales or Expenses

  • In QuickBooks Online, go to the Sales or Expenses option
  • Now, locate the transaction to delete from your account
  • Open the transaction and check it once to verify that it has no use in your account
  • You can add the message by adding a note of the date of deleting the transaction
  • In the footer, hit on More button
  • Then choose the option of Delete
  • Click on the Delete button to delete the transaction
  • In the end, click on the OK button.

To Delete Transactions from the Bank Section

  • In QuickBooks, go to the Banking option
  • Then select the bank
  • After that, click on the tab named For Review
  • Select the transactions to exclude
  • Click on the Batch actions option
  • Then click on the Delete button
  • A box opens up on your screen asking Are you sure these transactions will not be recoverable
  • Then in the message box click on the Yes button and you are done.

To Delete Transactions from Lists

  • In your QuickBooks Online, go to the Lists menu and click on it
  • from drop-down options, select Chart of Accounts
  • Now, open the account by clicking on it to check and delete the transactions
  • Search for the transaction in this account that you open up
  • All the transactions are displayed in the date order, so the most recent transactions are shown at the top
  • After searching, click on that transaction that you want to delete from the Lists
  • Now, click on the Edit menu option
  • From the further options, select Delete the option
  • In the confirmation message that pops up on your screen; click on the OK button to delete it
  • If there are more transactions that you want to delete then you have to repeat all the above steps for each transaction you want to delete.

To Delete Multiple or Batch Transactions in QuickBooks Online using the Banking option

  • Open the QuickBooks Online account in Internet Explorer
  • Click on the Banking menu option from the home screen
  • Further, select the appropriate account from which you want to delete the transaction
  • Then a window opens up
  • In this, go to the tab named Review
  • Tick mark the item that you want to delete
  • Then click on the Batch action button in the window
  • Now, select the Exclude that is selected
  • After this, go to the Excluded tab
  • You have to Choose multiple transactions again
  • Select the Batch action option
  • Then click on the Delete button to delete all the multiple transactions that you have selected
  • So, all the transactions are deleted from your QuickBooks Online account.

In conclusion, you get to know all the different ways to Delete Transactions in QuickBooks Online. The information is correct and verified by the experts and provided here so that you can do it on your own.

In case you have any questions or queries then reach the QuickBooks customer helpdesk team. The team will assist you by providing all the answers and solutions to your glitches. So, don’t worry and connect with the expert team whenever required.


  1. Do these solutions to delete transactions in QuickBooks Online work for all versions?

    Yes, these steps work for all versions of QuickBooks Online such as QuickBooks Online Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Accountant, etc. You must do the steps properly so that you won’t get any issues.

  2. How to apply filters in the audit log to verify that the transactions I have deleted are deleted successfully?

    🔹 In QuickBooks Online
    🔹 Click n the Gear icon that is on the top right side of the window
    🔹 Select the option Tools and further click on Audit Log
    🔹 Then go to the option Filter
    🔹 From the drop-down menu, click Date, User, or Events
    🔹 After that, click on the Apply button
    🔹 All the transactions got visible that are deleted
    🔹 Verify the transactions that you have deleted by applying filters.

  3. Can I Delete Transactions in QuickBooks Online Permanently?

    Yes, you can delete it permanently.
    🔹 For this, you have to go to the Excluded tab and tick mark the box for the transactions that you want to delete permanently.
    🔹 After that, click on batch actions and click the option Delete.

  4. If I don’t want to delete the transaction also can I hide the transaction in QuickBooks Online?

    No, you cannot hide the transactions. But you can delete the transactions. All the deleted transactions are visible in the Audit log. So, you can check for those deleted transactions in your QuickBooks Online account easily.

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