Void, Refund, or Delete a Credit Card Transaction in QuickBooks Desktop

Today’s article informs you about how to void, refund, and delete a credit card transaction in QuickBooks Desktop. Every user knows the QuickBooks Desktop as it is a worldwide accounting software that is most popular among small and medium-sized business owners. One of the typical ways is to manage the transactions of the QuickBooks Desktop.

How to Void, Refund, or Delete a Credit Card Transaction in QuickBooks Desktop

Many of the users are not aware of the ways of managing the transactions. When a QuickBooks Payment is linked to your company file, it is the best practice to create any transactions directly in QuickBooks. The definition of the Terms is mentioned below…

  • Refund – Happens when the batch closed for the original transactions
  • Void – Happens before the batch has closed for the original transaction
  • Delete – Delete means deleting a transaction for a credit card

How to Void a Credit Card Transaction in QuickBooks Desktop

To void any transaction, kindly follow the below process.

  • Sign in to your QuickBooks Payments account
  • Go to the Processing Tools drop-down, choose to Reverse a Transaction
  • Mention the important details that are asked and select Search
  • Choose the transaction which you want to refund and then select Submit.

There is one more method to Reverse or Void a Transaction, you can also try the below steps

  • Firstly Sign in to your QuickBooks Payment accounts
  • Locate the Activity and Reports drop-down and select Transactions
  • Mention the date range as per your requirement then select Search.
  • Now select the Transaction ID or the transaction that you want to return
  • Select option Reverse(Credit /Void)
  • Select the checkbox for the transaction you want, and select submit.
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How to Process a Refund Credit Card Transaction in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Open the company file then go to the QuickBooks Home screen, click on the refund and credit icon
  • Now mention the desired customer name and amount to be returned in the customer credit memo screen and then Save and close.
  • Now Available credit screen appears, choose to Give a refund, and after that click OK
  • A new window appears to Issue a refund, in the window select the credit card type which needs to be refunded and enter the card information
  • Click OK to complete the refund process.

Delete Credit Card Transaction in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Go to the File menu and choose Switch to Single-user mode
  • Now select the Accountant menu, click Delete Transactions
  • Click the transaction that you want to delete
  • Select the option review and delete
  • Now click on Backup and Delete. Alternatively, you can also skip and select Delete only
  • Select Yes.
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If you find any trouble following the above steps, you can try to contact a QuickBooks consultant to get help. QuickBooks professionals are trained, and experienced in the same domain, and can solve the QuickBooks issues in minimum time with complete satisfaction.