Way to Void, Refund, or Delete a Credit Card Transaction in QuickBooks Desktop

Today’s article informs you about “how to Void, Refund, or Delete a Credit Card Transaction in QuickBooks Desktop“. Every user knows the QuickBooks Desktop as it is worldwide accounting software that is most popular among small and medium-sized business owners.

One of the typical ways is to manage the transactions of the QuickBooks Desktop. Many of the users are not aware of the ways of managing the transactions. When a QuickBooks Payment is linked to your company file, it is the best practice to create any transactions directly in QuickBooks. Definition of Terms is mentioned below…

  • Refund – Happens when the batch closed for the original transactions
  • Void – Happens before the batch has closed for the original transaction
  • Delete – Delete means deleting a transaction for a credit card

How to Void a Credit Card Transactions

To void any transaction, kindly follow the below process.

  • Sign in to your QuickBooks Payments account
  • Go to the Processing Tools drop-down, choose to Reverse a Transaction
  • Mention the important details which are asked and select Search
  • Choose that transaction which you want to refund and then select Submit

There is one more method to Reverse or Void a Transaction, you can also try the below steps

  • Firstly Sign in to your QuickBooks Payment accounts
  • Locate the Activity and Reports drop-down and select Transactions
  • Mention the date range as per your requirement
  • Select Search
  • Now select the Transaction Id or the transaction which you want to return
  • Select option Reverse(Credit /Void)
  • Select the checkbox for the transaction you want, and select submit

How to Process a Refund Credit Card Transaction in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Open the company file
  • Go to QuickBooks Home screen, click to refund and credit icon
  • Now mention the desired customer name and amount to be returned in the customer credit memo screen
  • Save and close
  • Now Available credit screen appears, choose to Give a refund, and after that click OK
  • A new window appears to Issue a refund, in the window select the credit card type which needs to be refunded and enter the card information
  • Click OK to complete the refund process

Delete Credit Card Transaction in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Go to the File menu and choose Switch to Single-user mode
  • Now select the Accountant menu, click Delete Transactions
  • Click the transaction which you want to delete
  • Select option review and delete
  • Now click on Backup and Delete. Alternatively, you can also skip and select Delete only
  • Select Yes

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