repair QuickBooks Error 248

Repair QuickBooks Error 248

Even though the majority of people may think that repairing QuickBooks error 248 is a difficult task. It is an easy task if the instructions stated above are correctly followed. We have highlighted all the important causes, symptoms, and top four solutions to repair this common QuickBooks problem. All you need to do is to follow them step-by-step.

How to Repair the QuickBooks Error 248

QuickBooks error 248 is a type of issue that is related to problems in the payroll and backup processes.

Solution 1: File the W-3c and W-2c manually

Once the manual filing is done, do not forget that you need to adjust the W-2 941 plus the 940. As a reference, you can use QuickBooks Desktop’s printable W-2c and W-3c. Post this, the W-2c plus the W-3c should be filed with the Social Security Administration manually by implementing these steps:

  • Select the Payroll Center from the particular Employee Menu
  • Now, navigate to the File Forms tab and select the Annual Form W-2c/W-3c – Tax Statement and Corrected Wage. After that select Create Form
  • Select the employee, then press OK and hit the Review/Edit option
  • Go through every page carefully. See the box if it is a W-2c (altered W-2).
  • In the Earlier Reported and Correct Information columns, only complete the gaps that require to be closed
  • Erase the amounts from the left-over lines by pressing right and choosing Override from the particular context menu
  • It is possible to record previous tax payments by implementing the steps given below, in case there are some unpaid liabilities from the previous year are still present:
    • Choose QuickBooks from the Help menu
    • Click Shift+Ctrl+ Y to open the window for Setup YTD Amount
    • Now press Next till you enter the section for Prior Payments
    • Select Create Payment to add all previous payroll taxes you have finished
    • Click the Accounts Affected button that shows options for how you wish the payment to impact your Chart of Accounts
    • Continue the procedure till all the payments are complete. Press Done to save the task and then click Finish to shut the screen

Solution 2: Install QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file downloaded
  • To install, implement the on-screen steps and then give consent to the terms and conditions
  • Press twice on the icon on your Windows Desktop to open the tool hub after the installation is complete

Step 1: Run Quick Fix My File

  • Open the Tool Hub and select Company File Issues
  • Choose Quick Fix My File
  • Press OK when it finishes launching your QuickBooks account

Step 2: Run the QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Choose a Company File Issue from the particular QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Select Run QuickBooks File Doctor, which may take some time to open.
  • In the QuickBooks File Doctor, in the drop-down menu, choose your company file. In case the file is not visible, press Browse and look for your file
  • Now press Check your Company File and then press Continue
  • Type your QuickBooks admin credentials. Now select Next.

After that, you may run the Verify and Rebuild data again to see if there are any mistakes in your file already. Rebuilding is also frequently necessary if the QuickBooks error 248 code keeps changing. Sometimes, though, data problems can be resolved one at a time.

Solution 3: Erase a Paycheck

If it’s a routine check, you can erase it and make it again. Just be sure to manually enter the information and copy all the necessary paycheck data.

Here are the steps to erase a paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Navigate to the Employees menu
  • Choose Payroll Center
  • Press the Net Pay amount in the Recent Payroll section to see the paycheck list
  • Now press twice every paycheck to open the details and get it
  • Press the Delete icon on your keyboard. You can also click the keys Ctrl+ D
  • Press OK in the Delete Transaction screen to check whether a particular paycheck is erased or not

Solution 4: Restore the File Backups of any firm

  • Either Restore Company or Open Company will be an option present on the File menu of your QuickBooks accounting software
  • In case you have a backup of the file system of your company, select the option and then press the option Restore a Backup copy
  • Search for backup files with the .qbb extension while saving them and then open them
  • Do not forget that any action taken in the last version will not be remembered in the older versions that are restored, even though they may not have the same problem.