Process a Credit Card Donation in QuickBooks Desktop

How to Process a Credit Card Donation in QuickBooks Desktop

Know how to process a credit card donation in QuickBooks Desktop. To make any charitable or donation contribution in the QuickBooks Desktop edition, you need to know about the procedure first otherwise it may lead to loss or you may be stuck during transactions. All the contribution donation processing has to be a record of all collections for security purposes. To donate any contribution from your side, you find huge choices of payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, cash, and many more. In this blog, you get complete information about how to process the donation via the credit card option in the QuickBooks Desktop.

How to Process a Credit Card Donation in QuickBooks Desktop

Before processing a credit card donation forward, make sure you know the difference between Donations and Pledges.

  • Pledges: Pledges are considered to be those donations that are paid at a later time. They are usually processing to make availability of receiving payment options in each QuickBooks edition or in case of receiving payments through credit card only
  • Donations: Donations are only available in the QuickBooks desktop version. It is run as a type of receipt and is considered to be a non-profit version. To get more donations, users need to apply all payment methods in QuickBooks which makes them easy to donate or contribute.

Now follow the below steps to learn how to process a credit card donation in QuickBooks Desktop.

To Process a Credit Card Donation, the user needs to Perform the following steps

  • First of all, go to the “QuickBooks Non-profit” menu and choose the “Enter Donations” option.
quickbooks desktop non profit enter donation (sales receipts)
  • After that, the payment window appears then the user needs to fill in all the required information of the order/customer very carefully.
  • Make sure about all the given information and submit all the following items for accurate credit card processing, all are listed below
    • Payment methods are accessible via MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Must be sure about choosing the payment process when the saving box checked
    • Then make sure about the card number and expiration date
    • Transaction amount as per your according
    • And you are done with this process
quickbooks payments process credit card enter donation
  • Enter your next click on the “Process Payment” button.
  • Then new windows will pop up on your screen to send all necessary information regarding the credit card. Wait until you get the confirmation message and add additional information in any case if required
    • CSV and street address
    • Voice authorization identification number if required
    • Commercial card details if required
  • To proceed forward, click on the “Submit” button to finish the whole process. There are only two options either you get approval or declination.
intuit payment solution enter credit card information
  • If you get approval, then the entered payment will appear on the QuickBooks desktop accordingly.

After knowing all that, if you still have any queries about processing a credit card donation in QuickBooks Desktop, or want to take any advice, just dial the QuickBooks consultant number.