QuickBooks License Error: Learn the Troubleshooting Steps

QuickBooks License Error

QuickBooks license error indicates that the number of users permitted to access the POS application has exceeded. When you are sharing your application with others and all of them login to the system at the same time then you may encounter this error. The problem you may face within the system comes with the message:

“QuickBooks License error: You have exceeded the maximum number of users who can access the company at one time”.

Causes of QuickBooks License Error..

  • The numbers of workstations are opened more considering the licenses purchased.
  • Workstation demands to be rebooted as a log file gets stuck.
  • Damaged file used for verification of licenses.
  • Corrupt/Damaged QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop installation.
  • Firewall blockage or security software blockage at client workstation from the server.

How to Fix QuickBooks License Error..

The error here is not that of a complicated thing that you won’t be able to resolve. Here are the simple steps that you would need to take to fix this issue.

Total time: 32 minutes

Step 1: Sync License Data Online

✔ Go to help -> control my license -> Integrate license data online -> Click ok.
✔ Go to help -> control my license -> purchase license for extra order
✔ Confirm the number of licensed users

Step 2: Shut Down all Workstations

✔ Shut down QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop by: Go to File -> Exit
✔ Following the above step fails to free up the licenses then reboot all workstations. It is essential to reboot. Rebooting all workstations fails to resolve the issue then move to next step.

Step 3: Clear the Contents of the Entitlement Data folder

✔ Go to QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop servers -> Click on Start -> choose Open Windows Explorer.
✔ Click on Organize -> choose Folder and Search Options.
✔ Pop /Click the View -> Choose Show hidden files and folders -> clear the checkbox for Hide system operating files.
✔ Click Yes -> click OK.
✔ Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and Vista: C:Program DataIntuitEntitlement ClientXX (where XX refers to the highest number version you see)
✔ Press CTRL + A + Delete -> click Yes on the pop-up message.
✔ Open QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop and complete the registration process again.
✔ In case your QuickBooks license error is not resolved move to the other step.

Step 4: Rename the WSActivity file

✔ Go to C:Program DataIntuitQuickBooks Point of Sale XXIni
✔ Click WSActivity -> Select Rename.
✔ Enter OLDWSActivity -> click anywhere -> Save
✔ Open QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop, If you still see the error, try Solution 5

Step 5: Set Internet Security & third-party firewalls to Allow Access

✔ POS firewall configuration files, ports, and paths
✔ Troubleshoot connectivity tool.

Step 6: Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks POS for Desktop 

✔ Reinstall QuickBooks POS application for Desktop on the server computer.
✔ Update to the most current release.
✔ Go to Help in POS software -> Handle my license -> Sync license data online -> Click OK.
✔ Select Help -> Control my license > Buy additional user license.
✔ Find out the number of Licensed Users and verify its authenticity.

Troubleshoot QuickBooks License Error by Experts

In case the above steps recommended by Intuit don’t work, attempt uninstalling and reinstalling QuickBooks POS Desktop on the client workstations. In case you demand support then dial for help at QuickBooks POS support phone number. You can also choose to visit AskforAccounting.com to get instant help with your QuickBooks licensing error. The firm houses certified QB experts. Call us Toll-free to connect with the competent team who assure first call resolution.