MYOB to QuickBooks Data Migration and Conversion

Let’s start our article about the Data migration and conversion of MYOB to QuickBooks “. The few difference may induce the user to switch from the MYOB software to the QuickBooks. It restricts multiple users, the employee portal is not there in the payroll module, and also some may say that it lags in user-friendliness when compared to QuickBooks.

About MYOB Software

MYOB software, full form stands for “mind your own business” is an Australian software and a certified partner of Microsoft, i.e. it is compatible with all the Microsoft products. It is a windows-based accounting application and has almost all the features when compared to QuickBooks.

Steps to Data Conversion from MYOB to QuickBooks

If you have taken the decision of transferring your accounting data from MYOB to QuickBooks, then do not stress, you just need to follow the below simple steps in the same order to achieve seamless and easy migration.

Export Data in Excel from MYOB

Step 1. Export Account list

  • Open MYOB > File> Export data> Accounts.
  • There are some differences in account types in the MYOB and the QuickBooks.
  • You will have to open the export data in Excel and update the Account types as per the QuickBooks, for example, the cost of sales in MYOB would be the Cost of Goods sold in the QuickBooks.

Step 2. Export Customer/ Vendor list

  • Export the vendor and customer list from MYOB and do modifications as required for importing the data to QuickBooks.

Step 3. Export other Reports and Items

  • Export other reports like account receivable and payable reports, transactions reports, Inventory details, Invoices, Bills, etc.

Import Data MYOB to QuickBooks

Once you have exported all the relevant reports from the MYOB in excel format, you can follow the below steps to import the data MYOB to QuickBooks. But before initiating the import of the data, you need to create the backup of the export data on the local drive of your computer with a different name for easy identification.

Step 1. Install the QuickBooks Desktop on your system

  • In the beginning, Download QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Open the downloaded file called “QuickBooks.exe”.
  • Follow the instruction which appears on the screen.
  • After reaching the License agreement window, you have to read and accept all terms & conditions.
  • At last, Enter the Product and License number in the given field.
  • Choose the NEXT option to finish the program.

Step 2. Import Files

  • Open QuickBooks and then go on Files.
  • Then click on Utilities and choose Import and finally click on Excel files.
  • Now you can open the MYOB export data files that you have saved for the import purpose.

Step 3. Select Data

  • Now select the type of data, and QuickBooks will open an excel sheet
  • Enter all the information that you want to import, and click on “Add my data now”.

Step 4. Verify Data

  • After the above step, check and verify if the data imported in the QuickBooks is as per your expectation, and then click on close.

Step 5. Final method

  • For importing the chart of accounts, you need to click on List > Chart of accounts > Account > import from excel.
  • And then select the modified excel export file created earlier, you can change the mapping names in this step as well.
  • After the successful import of data, click on save.

If the above steps are not able to transfer data MYOB to QuickBooks, you can always dial a QuickBooks Consultant toll-free number that will help you.

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