QuickBooks Will Not Open in Windows 10

QuickBooks Will not Open in Windows 10

Even the idea alone of “QuickBooks will not open” can scare the hell out of accountants. If you are totally dependent on the program to maintain your daily accounting transactions then any error may lead to bigger issues for you. Though QuickBooks is one of the greatest software’s in the market today but it is not error free.

QuickBooks Will Not Open in Windows 10

QuickBooks Software is one stop financial management platform that has reformed that manner of handling and performing financial activities of the business. The user can now automatically record transaction on daily basis and also perform other complex tasks easily. However at time when the user click on the QuickBooks icon they experience a problem like “QuickBooks will not open in windows 10“.

Such scenarios can be caused due to numerous reasons ranging from faulty installation to trying to open the software by clicking on it number of times. In order to resolve this issue, Intuit has provided few user friendly resolution as displayed below:

Steps to Solve QuickBooks Will Not Open in Windows 10 Issues:

QuickBooks Will not Open in Windows 10

We have mentioned four different solutions to fix this issue. We will suggest you to perform the solutions step by step.

Total Time: 45 minutes

Solution 1: Shut Down Process QBW32.exe

One of the most opted resolution is to close the QBW32.exe accessing processes that run in the background and at times freezes. The solution is to close the process and then restart it.

🔹 Go to the taskbar of Windows and right click on it and then click on the Start Task Manager.
🔹 Now go to Processes tab and follow it by sorting the Name of the Processes category in alphabetical order.
🔹 Now click on QBW32.EXE process from the list displayed and click on End Process.

Solution 2: Verify Company File being Accessed:

Another reason for the error of QuickBooks Does Not Start is that there could be some corruption with the QuickBooks software itself. The software might be trying to open the older company file for which the best step is to isolate the software as well as the company file and verify the problem through following steps:

🔹 Navigate and right click on QB icon and long press on CTRL key followed by Open option. Ensure that you have not released the CTRL key till No Company Open screen is not displayed.
🔹 Now select and open the file.

Solution 3: Reboot the Computer System:

🔹 Rebooting the Windows and Computer System ensures that all the pending updates are complete and the system is now ready with more power and performance.
🔹 Once the system has been restarted, try to access the software again.
🔹 If this does not resolve the issue, then proceed to next resolution

Solution 4: Install and Run QBInstall Tool

One of the best tool invented by Intuit is QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool (QBInstall Tool) which basically scans the software to locate and resolve most of the issues caused at the time of installing the software. Follow the steps below for this tool.

🔹 Go to Official website of Intuit and locate the tool from there.
🔹 Once you download the tool through the link, you will be prompted and should save the file on the desktop itself.
🔹 Look and close all the applications running in the background and otherwise before running the QBInstall tool.
🔹 Now restart the system to save any and all changes made by the tool and access the software again.


We don’t recommend downloading the tool as it may be malware infected.

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At least one of the above four resolution should be able to resolve the issue wherein the user will again be able to access their QuickBooks software. However, if the user still faces issue where there QuickBooks will not open in windows 10 then, they should connect with the QuickBooks Customer Support team setup by Intuit.

The team of professionals housed by the company is quite knowledgeable with accounting functions like Point of Sale management, tax planning and proper recording of financial data. The services revolving around finances and inventory tracking will be accorded from expert accountants who have hands down experience in dealing with related tasks.

If the user is unable to connect with the support team of QuickBooks (Intuit) then they can directly reach out to QuickBooks error support phone number.