QuickBooks Online Not Working

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Online Not Working Issue

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based system that can be used using the internet. Even though QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online are effective software, errors often appear in them causing them to stop occasionally. This issue is especially worrisome when users cannot access their company details online. In other words, when QuickBooks Online not working, does not respond, and page-unresponsive business organizations can face intense trouble. The article here therefore clears the concept and provides the methods that can assist in troubleshooting this problem for QuickBooks Online users.

If your QuickBooks Online not working then you will have to try the following solutions to troubleshoot it. Before you can start following the below-given steps, try running the error through the QuickBooks repair tool.

What Happens When QuickBooks Online Does Not Work?

Businesses that use QuickBooks Online are heavily dependent on Internet accessibility. Therefore, there must be a superb internet service available while using the software. Apart from that, QuickBooks Online has limited features that are abundant in its offline counterpart. Thus, if it does not work, failure to commence a task is evident. One cannot start their work without the app being open leading to utter failure in attaining goals and objectives.

Therefore, to learn how to recover your data and fix QBO, let us look at the sections below. But first, we should know the possible reasons for such incorrect loading.

What are the Causes of QuickBooks Online Not Loading Correctly?

There are mainly three main reasons your QuickBooks Online account is not opening properly. These causes are given below.

  • There are special characters in the company name that are not allowed

Businesses have brilliant and unique names but sometimes they contain characters that are not compatible with a software’s system. In this situation, check whether your company name contains any characters that are not allowed by QuickBooks. If there is any such character, QuickBooks Online will cause problems in loading pages and generate errors.

Check the list of characters that the software accepts before you input your company name.

  • There is more than one adjacent dollar sign in any transaction or list

If there is more than one adjacent currency sign in any list or transaction, that will appear on the page, likely, the page will not load properly. For instance, if you enter a name with two adjacent dollar signs in the memo field of the check window, the page will not fully load.

  • There is an attempt to open QuickBooks Online simultaneously in more than one browser tab.

There is a possibility that you will see blank pages if you simultaneously open the app in different tabs. You can, however, use it in additional tabs with the help of a specific method.

Steps to open QuickBooks Online in two or more tabs simultaneously

For that, check the instructions written below.

  • Once you signed in to QBO in one tab, navigate to the browser address bar.
  • Now, first highlight and then copy the whole web address.
  • Once done, click on the new tab and open it in the browser.
  • Paste the copied web address in the newly opened tab and hit Enter.

The home page of your company will now load in the additional tab as well.

How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Online Not Working Issue

Sometimes it is seen that you can fix the error just with a single. Facing outage or problem at QuickBooks Online!! Follow the below steps to fix the QuickBooks Online not working or not responding issue.

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Online browser problems

Before you start troubleshooting, notice whether the browser you are using is up-to-date. Also, in the case of QuickBooks Online, check if the browser supports the software. If not, make sure it updates and supports the software.

Basic browser troubleshooting method

  • Using an incognito or private browser
  • Restart the browser you are using
  • Clean all caches in the browser
  • Include Intuit as a trusted site

Troubleshooting method to solve downloading issues

If you are experiencing issues while finding a downloaded file or downloading, you can

Step 1. Press Ctrl with J on your keyboard

This shortcut is eligible for all browsers; however, if it still does not work, you can change the default location of the files you download.

For Google Chrome

  • Visit the menu on the toolbar of the Google Chrome browser, and select Settings.
  • Select Show Advanced Settings after scrolling down a bit.
  • Go to the Downloads section and choose Change. You can enter a specific location where all your files will be downloaded.
  • In the Downloads section, select Ask where to save each file before downloading in case you want to be prompted to select specific locations for each downloaded file.

For Mozilla Firefox

  • Go to the Tools menu, and choose Options.
  • Click on the General tab and choose Browse to change the location of all newly downloaded files in a default location.
  • Choose Always Ask Me where to save files for receiving prompts before each download.

For Safari

  • Go to Preferences and then General.
  • Under the Save Downloaded Files tab, choose Other.
  • Choose a location as the default location and then press Close.

For Microsoft Edge

  • There are three dots on the upper-right side of the screen. Now, press Settings.
  • Go to Advanced Settings, and click on View Advanced Settings.
  • You will find an option named Ask me what to do with each download under the Downloads section. Turn it to ON.

The benefit that a user can receive from QuickBooks Online is that it can be opened from any device. Thus, many users open the software on their mobile phones. However, do you know what to do if you are stuck with an application on your phone? Don’t worry! Just keep following the sections.

Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Online mobile app for Android

For your Android device, there are higher chances of experiencing errors in the QuickBooks Online mobile app. These errors can appear during signing in, after any upgrades, and after your credit card is charged by Google Play. To fix these problems, follow the methods given below.

Fixing sign-in issues

  • Account not entitled

QuickBooks Online runs through subscription; therefore, if your subscription is not active, you will face a sign-in error. Make sure that your subscription is active and then attempt signing in again.

  • Cannot login with a valid profile

Again, QuickBooks Online requires a smooth and error-free internet connection. Therefore, if you are not in a network coverage area, get into one and try to sign in again. This QBO login error can appear if you are not connected to Wifi or any other source of the internet.

Fixing upgrade errors

  • The linked program was no longer installed after the update.

Sometimes, errors occur due to internal system issues in devices or applications. Upon seeing this error, reboot your device and try opening the application again.

  • Sorry, there was a problem saving your data

Due to bugs, the application can cause issues in opening after new updates. In this scenario, uninstall the QuickBooks software from your device and reinstall it from the Google Play Store (None of your files and company details will be deleted after the uninstallation of the app).

Fixing other app-related issues

You can try all the quick app-fixing methods to fix the problems in the software on your mobile phone.

  • Transfer your Wifi data connection to 4G on your device. Note that, the broadband can vary based on the device.
  • First close, and then restart the application.
  • Clear app data using these steps:
    • Open the Settings on your device.
    • Tap on Apps (the options vary by device).
    • Select the QuickBooks app from the list of applications.
    • Tap on the Storage option.
    • Now, choose Clear Data.
  • Switch off your device and then restart it.
  • First, uninstall the app and then install it again.

Fixing Google Play charge error

  • Error: Google Play charged your credit card

Before panicking, keep in mind that there is no issue with this error. It simply pops up after your credit card is charged by Google Play. The subscription status updates require some time. To check your status of subscription.

  • Visit the Settings.
  • Tap on Subscription.

After the subscription updates are complete, you will see the next renewal date.

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Online App for MAC Not Working Issue

Recently we got this issue from one of our clients. He was using a Mac and he experienced that his QuickBooks Online Mac app was not working. If you are also experiencing the same issue then you can try the below given possible solution.

Step 1: Try Resetting the App

  • Hover over your QuickBooks app icon and right-click on that. From the dialogue box that appears select the quit option.
  • Now open up your QuickBooks app by keeping the “fn” key pressed.
  • You will now see a dialogue box appearing on the screen which will ask for your permission “if you want to reset your app“.
  • Follow the set of instructions that will appear and relaunch the app.
  • Your QuickBooks app will now start working.
Final Words

QuickBooks Online serves several small and medium-sized businesses across the world. Its flexibility allows users to work from anywhere. However, it also glitches sometimes due to the excessive load of complex activities within its system. To compensate for that, QuickBooks offers solutions to get rid of these errors.

The article here explains the methods to use when QuickBooks Online not working and does not load properly or does not respond. Hopefully, it will give an idea of the quick fixes of the errors. However, if you find these difficult to understand, contact our experts without a second thought and receive the best support you can get. But if in case it is still not working then you will have to get in touch with our certified QuickBooks Proadvisor staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is QuickBooks Online accessible offline?

Unfortunately no, You will require a strong internet connection to work in QuickBooks Online.

Does QuickBooks Online require software upgrades?

Yes, QuickBooks Online requires and is automatically upgraded. Its cloud-based features allow it to be always updated without affecting any of your company data. Once the update is over, you will receive a message after you log in.

Is QuickBooks Online accessible on Apple Mac?

Absolutely! QuickBooks Online is compatible with all devices, and operating systems such as iOS, and Android.

What are the requirements of QuickBooks Online?

Recommended system requirements to avoid frequent errors are:
● 1 GHz computer with 256 MB of RAM running Windows XP or later for Windows PC.
● Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.5 or later for Apple Mac.
● The latest version of the browser you are using, such as Internet Explorer, ● Google Chrome, Safari for Mac, or Firefox. (QuickBooks is not compatible with Linux, Fedora, and Ubuntu.)
● High-speed internet connection (cable, T1, DSL).