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Upgrade, Downgrade, or Cancel QuickBooks Online Subscription

When it comes to QuickBooks, this extraordinary accounting software also allows you to choose the optimum managerial accounting for your business. Customers can upgrade or downgrade their QuickBooks Online subscription to their existing membership if their needs are not covered by the current subscription.

QuickBooks expands with your enterprise. When you’re ready for enhanced features, and you feel the need to fit in with the new, you may expand your subscription. Alternatively, if your current membership isn’t a good fit, we may be able to help you move to a different plan. Before downgrading or upgrading your existing membership plan, you should be aware that you will be unable to return to your old subscription until the following business day, or at least 24 hours. Later, you can change/upgrade/downgrade your subscription as needed.

Now, this upgradation is something that can be easily accessed with QuickBooks. For a detailed outlook on how to upgrade as well as degrade the QuickBooks Online subscription, let us stick to the article. Since the overview has been explained, let’s switch to the detailed process of upgrading and downgrading the same.

How to Upgrade Your QuickBooks Online Subscription

Follow these steps to ensure that your company’s invoicing and membership information is up to current. If your firm-billed customer needs more accounting capabilities, you may upgrade their QuickBooks Online membership level.

  • For the foremost step, Navigate to the option naming Settings, then Subscription and billing in QuickBooks Online Accountant.
  • For the second step, proceed to further select the Accountant-billed subscription option.
  • Thereafter, browse your client.
  • After the subsequent step, click the arrow which is located next to the client’s name to view the subscription data.
  • Finally, from the Subscription Actions dropdown drop-down menu, select Upgrade.

How to Downgrade Your QuickBooks Online Subscription

It’s best to Consult with your customer first before lowering their membership. Check that this does not eliminate any of the existing functionality when they have decided to downgrade. Investigate and grasp what happens when you lower your QuickBooks Online membership. Certain features may need to be deactivated before they may be reduced.

Here’s how you can proceed with the process

  • For the very first step, In QuickBooks Online Accountant, then proceed to go to Settings, then Subscription and billing.
  • Next, an Accountant subscription should be chosen.
  • Now, Click the arrow next to the client’s name to reveal subscription details after locating your client first.
  • Lastly, from the Subscription actions menu, choose Downgrade.

There is a condition in case the client is unable to see the option Downgrade for some reason, then you won’t be able to Downgrade your subscription. Now, that you are thorough with all the correct well-guided procedures for upgrading and downgrading the QuickBooks Online subscription.

There is also a rise in the thought of canceling the same. Discontinuing and Cancelling QuickBooks Online subscription is valid and functional at all times. It does not involve any complex measure, just a few simple steps, let us look into it deeper for a better and clearer understanding.

How to Cancel QuickBooks Online Subscription

Follow the detailed steps below to successfully cancel your QuickBooks Online Subscription.

  • Start From the Gear icon present on the screen, and then proceed to select Account and Settings.
  • For the next step, Navigate to the Billing and Subscription tab.
  • Now, in the appeared QuickBooks sections, further hit on Cancel subscription.
  • Thereafter, Choose to Continue to cancel, then Continue to cancel again.
  • Follow the instructions below.
  • After the subsequent step, hit submit and cancel your subscription.
  • Lastly, click on Got It.
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In case you have any doubts or are unable to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel QuickBooks Online Subscription then you may want to reach out to us. For any queries, you can connect with the QuickBooks customer care team.