How to Connect QuickBooks Payments Account to QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks is one of the most amazing accounting software to manage entire business accountancy. It helps to make all transactions and payment issues easier and simple. Most of the users face some issues while connecting QuickBooks payments account to QuickBooks Online. No need to worry about any issue, QuickBooks professional makes all way to resolve your all issues. Read this blog, you get all necessary to make the connection between the QuickBooks payments account to QuickBooks Online.

Learn how to connect QuickBooks payments accounts to QuickBooks Online.

This will help customers/clients to pay for their invoices online as well. If you signed in another product for all QuickBooks Payments, no need to worry about that. Here, you get a complete procedure on how to run with this process manually with all essential information.

Connect QuickBooks Payments Account to QuickBooks Online

Step 1: Ready to make connections

  • Before you try to connect your account, make sure you refund all open transactions. Because after that you unable to do it
  • User need to sign in into the Merchant services and delete all recurring QuickBooks payments if they have any

Step 2: You are all set to connect your QB payments accounts to QB online with these following steps

  • The first thing to do is to sign in your QuickBooks online as an admin
  • Then hit your enter on the “Settings” and then choose the “Account and Settings” from the drop-down menu
  • After that, hit your next click on the “Product and services ” button
  • Go to the existing menu, click on “Select or Link Merchant service” as per it appear on your screen
  • Then choose the “QuickBooks Payment account” that specific account you want to connect
  • After choosing your option, mark the “Select” option
  • Make sure about account information accurately. If everything is OK, click on “Connect
  • Once the connection processing is finished then sign out
  • Again user need to sign and go back to the QuickBooks to get confirmation

Must be sure, user need to update all payment accounts for applications

If you prefer any shopping cart or any third-party processing apps along with your payment accounts, then it is necessary to reconnect them. For that, go with below steps

  • Firstly, open the QuickBooks App pages and then locate the apps
  • And then follow on-screen instructions to make connections between them and QuickBooks online
  • User must know that every app has its own steps to reconnecting the connection from the app to app

Step 3: User has to change the QuickBooks account and puts money into it

User has the option to utilize the same account that always you used to deposit all customer payments. In any case, if you want to change, you need to perform these steps

  • First of all, sign in into QuickBooks online. Make sure, while this processing, user don’t use any mobile app or GoPayments
  • Then click on “Settings” and mark your click on “Accounts and settings
  • After that, choose a “Payment” tab and go to the “Deposit” section and click on “Change Bank” option
  • Choose “Add new bank account” and enter all required information such as account number and the routing number that you want to change
  • Wait, until the process is finished and then click on “Done

Connect QuickBooks Payments Account to QuickBooks Online

Step 4: The user needs to turn on payment options and online invoices and check the payment processing. If everything is OK then you are all done with this process

After implementing all the above steps users need to handle everything in QuickBooks such as Payment processing fees service, transaction history, orders regarding card readers, and much more.

How to reach us?

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