Connect Bank and Credit Card Accounts to QuickBooks Online

Connect Bank and Credit Card Accounts to QuickBooks Online

As you know, QuickBooks amazing features and integrations find all convenient ways to fix your all business accountancy programs. QuickBooks offers a secure payment mode to manage your all business payment issues. Here, you can connect your bank accounts directly to your QuickBooks Online. Throughout this, you can easily track your business payment accurately including data and time. In this blog, we discuss the “How to connect bank and Credit card accounts to QuickBooks online” including all related information to clear all bank information.

How to Connect the Bank and Credit Card Accounts to QuickBooks Online

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The following steps help you to learn to connect the bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks Online.

Total Time: 25 minutes

Step 1: In the Beginning, You Need to Connect a Bank or Credit Card Account

🔹 You have the choice to connect with many accounts as you required.
🔹 You can connect your bank for personal as well as business uses.
🔹 But, you can track and sort out your all transactions.
🔹 Go to your Banking menu and all options will appear on your screen
🔹 Hit the click on the Banking tab
🔹 Now, you have to choose the “Connect Account” If you do this the first time
🔹 If you already created then hit your click on the “Add Account or Link Account”
🔹 Locate your Bank, you can be associated with most banks including small credit unions

Point to be Noted: If you unable to locate your bank but are still required to add all transactions to the QuickBooks online then you can do it manually.

🔹 Hit the Continue button and enter the login credentials for the bank’s website in the window
🔹 Follow the displayed steps to connect with your bank. The bank must be required security checks to find authorized users.
🔹 It takes little time to complete the process
🔹 Choose the Bank or Credit Card accounts that you require to link. So, you can view all available accounts at your credit or bank card company
🔹 For every account, that you need to connect, choose the matching account type from the available preferences.
🔹 In QuickBooks, accounts are visible on the chart of accounts.
🔹 Now, you have to choose for “Back to the screen from where you need to download the transactions”
🔹 Many financial institutions let you download the transaction of the last 90 days
🔹 Hit the click on the “Connect” button
🔹 After this, connect your bank accounts from the chart of accounts

Step 2: In this step, Learn to Download the Recent Transactions

Once you connected with your account, you can automatically download the transactions. So, users don’t need to go through manual processing. Update and get the recent transactions with these following steps:

🔹 Open the Transaction menu or Banking menu
🔹 Enter your click on the “Banking” tab
🔹 Choose the “Update” option
🔹 Wait until all recent transactions will update on your screen

Step 3: Require to Get Approval the Way it Categorizes Them

🔹 After downloads the transactions, you require to get approval the way it categorizes them, perform the following instructions step-by-step:
🔹 From the Banking menu homepage, choose the file for the account that you need to review
🔹 Hit the click in the “Review” tab to begin to review
🔹 Now, you can review them one-by-one

Point to be Noted: If you find the message related to the additional authentication, proceed with on-screen guidelines to finish the update processing. Not all banks need this kind of issue.

Step 4: Update your Connected Accounts

🔹 Update the Bank or credit information (User ID or Password) or update the connection
🔹 Open the Banking or transaction menu
🔹 Click on the “Banking” tab
🔹 From the list menu, click on the “Edit” icon for that particular bank account that you want to update
🔹 Choose the “Edit” sign-in info
🔹 Check and update all required account data
🔹 Hit the “Save & Connect” button to finish the program

We hope the above information clears your all queries regarding “How to connect the bank to credit card accounts to QuickBooks online” and fix all QuickBooks online related issues and QuickBooks bank feeds not working issue. While implementing the above steps, if you need any kind of favor, then connect with QuickBooks support. They provide a 24/7 availability service to resolve your all queries.


  • How would I Able to Sync Bank Accounts in QuickBooks Online?

    🔹 Linked with your Bank account
    🔹 Select the bank and enter the user id and password that you prefer to access the accounts
    🔹 Select the Account and enter “Transactions”
    🔹 Hit the next click on the “First Transaction” from the list-menu
    🔹 Enter your right-click on it and the transaction details will update on your screen
    🔹 Now, you have the choice to change the transaction category
    🔹 Click on the “Payee” option

  • Is it Safe to Link my Bank Account to QuickBooks?

    Yes, connecting your bank with QuickBooks is one of the best ways to handle all business payments. So, you can pull the record of all transactions and then download it. To do this, just go to your bank account and then go to the bank feed field. In QuickBooks, you find more advanced options.

  • Can I Merge Two Accounts in QuickBooks?

    QuickBooks utilizes more than one account as the default for various features. These are like accounts linked to online banking unable to merged. If you try to merge accounts that have reconciliation reports and click on the “Report” button. The selected transactions lie on the merged account and then stay reconciled.