Sage 50 Premium Accounting

Features and Benefits of Sage 50 Premium Accounting Software

Let’s start our article about the features and benefits of Sage 50 Premium. The Sage 50 Premium Accounting helps users save more time and money by making the simplest task more effective and productive.

The solution offers the tools and information necessary to make well-informed business decisions.

New Features in 2024 Sage 50 Premium Accounting

  • Generate invoices from customers’ records with a single click.
  • Generate purchase orders on vendors’ screens with a single click.
  • Customize Sage 50 content-generated email.
  • Track inventory on user-defined attributes.
  • Set up different offer quantity discounts or price levels
  • Replenish inventory automatically at user-defined levels
  • Track all recalls and warranty claims using serialized inventory
  • Built-in templates for inventory, purchasing,  sales, and financial reporting
  • Merge information from various Sage 50 companies or databases.

Benefits of 2024 Sage 50 Premium Accounting

Tools to Make Accounting Tasks Easier and Secure

Sage 50 Premium Accounting provides module-level security, tracking audit trails, and an advanced Internal Accounting Review tool, to give users confidence in the integrity and security of the data. As it is locally installed on the network or computer, the users have complete control over who can access the information.

  • Setup up to 5 users with module-level security
  • Share customized invoices to customers via mail
  • Generate custom invoices, purchase orders, sales orders, work orders, quotes, and more
  • Up to 125 customized reports: inventory, cost, financial, sales, expenses, jobs, and more
  • Have complete control over inventory using different methods
  • Setup cost codes and job phases to manage jobs, related revenues, and expenses

Intelligence Reporting for Better Decisions

More than just storing credits and debits, an accounting program should give the kind of analysis required to plan better strategies and make better decisions. That is exactly what Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting offers. It allows users to create and process customized reports to give all necessary information.

  • Modify templates for inventory and purchasing reports, sales reports, or financials
  • Access data from various Sage 50 companies or databases to use the consolidated information during decision-making.
  • All reports are generated through real-time data.

Complete Control over Inventory

Sage 50 Premium Accounting also provides multiple inventory modules to allow users to manage all aspects of inventory control, which includes purchasing, assemblies & assembly costs, and stock on hand. Users can:

  • Use any inventory costing methods – Average / FIFO / LIFO
  • Automatically produce purchase orders for inventory
  • Organize user-defined inventory elements such as color, style, size, etc.
  • Create different price levels for quantity discounts
  • Serialized inventory to allow easy tracking of claims, warranties, and recalls.


We hope the above information has been useful for you. In case you are having trouble downloading and installing Sage 50 Premium Accounting, feel hassle-free to contact our Askforaccounting representatives. Sage 50 support representatives have years of expertise in managing Sage products. They can help you clear your issues and also provide useful tips to run your software.