Download Sage Timeslips

In this article, you read Sage Timeslips’ benefits and features and learn how to download Sage Timeslips easily. The software is one of the prevalent and most reliable timekeeping and billing solutions for the legal industry that has been around for the last 27 years.

With the latest version of Sage Timeslips billing software, users can achieve all the above tasks conveniently and efficiently. It’s time you considered the newly enhanced software as the older version will eventually not be supported anymore.

System Requirements for Download Sage Timeslips

To be eligible to download the Sage Timeslips, you will need the following system requirements.

System Requirements for the Server

  • No Consultant for Network Attached Storage (NAS).
  • Windows Server for 2002, 2012, and 2016. 
  • 300 MB of free storage space for program files
  • At least 100 MB of Database files in size.
  • Windows 7 Ultimate or Professional, Windows 8. x, and Windows 10 (when using a peer-to-peer environment).
  • 8 GB of RAM is required; 16 GB of RAM is recommended.

Workstation Requirements

  • If a local database is used, a minimum of 100 MB is required.
  • 4 GB RAM is required; 8 GB RAM is recommended.
  • Windows 10 Pro System Requirements.
  • 300 MB free hard drive space for program files; extra space necessary for storing additional files (for example when printing bills to PDF).
  • Windows® 8. x (but not Windows RT), Windows® 7 Ultimate, or Professional.
  • There is no Consultant for Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Requirements for Internet Browsers

  • Edge by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

Requirements for Terminal Servers

  • 8 GB of RAM is required; 16 GB of RAM is recommended.
  • An Internet connection is necessary to use Sage Timeslips Premium and Sage Timeslips online features indefinitely; high-speed Internet connections are suggested.
  • Windows Server for 2002, 2012, and 2016.

Download and Install Sage Timeslips Latest Version 2022

Download Sage Timeslips Premium March 2022

Once you download Sage Timeslips in your system you then install it now. Follow the steps mentioned below to Install Sage Timeslips and Older Versions on your workstation to perform a local installation.

  • First, you need to start by typing the \server_name into the search box.
  • Then you should type it and press Enter.
  • Now make sure you add in your server’s name.
  • The name of the folder on the network share list should be TSSHARE. (If you get this as your folder name, double-check that you shared TS SHARE properly and that the name of your Timeslips folder is accurate).
  • After that, double-click TSSHARE.
  • Now open the Timeslips folder, then go to the LoclInst folder, and then double-click on Setup.exe to begin the installation.
  • When starting the local installation, choose the installation type you want.
  • Now you should save Sage Timeslips in the location you want.
  • This is usually C:\Program Files\Timeslips\ and on 64-bit workstations, and C:\Program Files (x86)\Timeslips.
  • Once done you should restart and start Sage Timeslips when the installation is complete.
  • Finally, install it on all of your workstations locally.

What are Network Configurations?

Multiple users (up to the number of station licenses acquired) can access the database at the same time if you bought multiple Sage Timeslips station licenses. Sage Timeslips Premium must be installed in a network setting to allow multiple users to access the software. Below mentioned are the common network configurations.

Peer-to-peer networks:- Your company uses a peer-to-peer network, where workstations may access discs on other workstations, the Timeslips Server is the first workstation on which your workstation is first installed.

Network Installation:– Install Timeslips on the network server if your company has network workstations and a network server (with shared network discs). The Timeslips Server is the network server for your company in this arrangement.

What are Single-user Installation

A single-user installation has only one station license, in Sage Timeslips. The following are some instances of single-user installations.

Installation on a network workstation for a single user, with the database likewise on a network workstation: If you purchased a single station license of Sage Timeslips and your workstation is connected to a network, you can install Sage Timeslips Premium on your local workstation and maintain your Sage Timeslips Premium database on the same workstation.

Installation on a network workstation for a single user with the database saved on a network disc: Your Sage Timeslips Premium database must be saved locally on the hard discs of your workstation. If you purchased a single-station license of Sage Timeslips Premium and your workstation is connected to one, you will not be able to maintain a database across a network.

Single-user installation on a single computer: If you purchased a single Sage Timeslips Premium subscription and only have one computer, the program files and database will be saved on that system.

How to Create a Timeslips Premium Share

To create a Timeslips Premium Share follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, select Computer from the Windows Start menu on the Sage Timeslips server.
  • Then double-click the drive on which the shared volume will be created.
  • The C: drive is the most frequent location for installation.
  • Now to create a new folder, go to File, New, Folder. TSSHARE is the name of the folder.
  • Finally, select Share, Advanced Sharing, or Share with Specific People from the context menu when right-clicking the TSSHARE folder.
    • For this shared storage, create the proper permissions and users. Windows grants minimal rights to new shared discs by default. This folder must have at least Read or Write permissions, which you must grant permission for.
    • Click Read and Write for the required users, or pick Everyone and mark them as reading or Writing for a more simple configuration. Administrators of networks might opt to be more selective with certain users and permissions.

How to Set up Sage Timeslips Premium Network Installation

Start the installation procedure by double-clicking on the Sage Timeslips download file if it does not start automatically. The download file will extract the required installation file and present you with a selection of options.

  • First, start the installation of Sage Timeslips.
  • Then install Sage Timeslips if you want to.
  • When the dialogue asks if you want to install the Application Server or Database Server, choose Complete Server.
  • Now choose the network share that you created earlier in the Create Timeslips Share steps.
  • Finally, your Application Server will be installed after the installation is complete.

Benefits of Sage Timeslips

  •    Never miss a billable opportunity.
  •    Ensure accurate time and expense capture.
  •    Automatic time capture helps to increase productivity.
  •    Easily handles all the processes from billing to accounts receivable.
  •    Reports are made easy for better performance.
  •    New – integration with LawPay’s  “Pay Now”.

Check Out The Features Supported in Detail Below

  • Timeslips is complete account management.
  • Bill payments and transactions are easily recorded and handled.
  • It can integrate with popular accounting products.
  • Enables user-defined rules and periods to suit your business needs.
  • Choose from a range of predefined Accounts Receivable reports.

Intuitive Bill Creation

A simple drag-and-drop customization helps generate bills quickly and easily in a professional way. Sage Timeslips Consultant multiple billing arrangements and standards with access to LEDES 98B and Litigation Advisor 1.

  • Simple drag-and-drop customization can make the bill appear more customized and professional.
  • You can place your watermark for draft bills.

Although Timeslips has long Consultant a conflict of interest checker, it didn’t allow adding adverse or related parties as connected contacts. Now when you add connected contacts to client records, you can add conflicting parties’ contacts too like opposing counsel, judges, etc.

  • Also enables us to determine how contact is linked to a client.
  • Additional contacts are present in a separate tab for quick access.

Smart Time And Expense Entry

Most of the entries are automated and accurately captured in a customized manner like it pre-populates account entries, captures time automatically, and populates client-based tasks and related expense lists. Not only this, but your workflow comes with voice-to-text data capture.

  • Pre-populated account entry.
  • Automatically captures the time.
  • Defined custom fields for client-based task and expense lists.
  • Voice-to-text data capture.

Valuable Business Insights via Simple Reporting

Timeslips help in easy understanding of performance through simple, yet robust reporting. The software comes with more than 100 predefined reports and also allows the creation of custom reports with the help of the intuitive report wizard.

  • Has more than 100 predefined reports.
  • Allows for the creation of custom reports with the help of a guided report wizard.

Integrated online payments

A simple online payment solution from LawPay seamlessly integrates into Sage Timeslips. LawPay is an industry-leading payment solution developed specifically for law firms that provides a simple, secure way to accept client payments online from within Sage.

With Timeslips you can now send emails to clients with a “Pay Now” link from where they can click and submit their payments online which gets allocated to the firm’s accounts as well.

Filter Options and Day View

Over time your Entry Window can become clogged with many screens. The filters will allow you to display only the relevant Templates by filtering your Timesheet Entry. The Day View helps to scrutinize all the daily tasks and helps you sport the gap just by entering the start time which shows all the slips filled for the day. It also has a Google calendar synced in so you do not have a separate one dedicated to Timeslips.

Sage Timeslips Error, Issue, and Problems

If you’re experiencing an error when using Sage Timeslips, there are likely some issues you need to address. Here are some common error messages, issues, problems, and solutions.

Sage Timeslips Address Violation Error – Data is corrupt in memory
Sage Timeslips Database Errors – Occur due to data corruption
Sage Timeslips BDE Error – Borland Database Engine (BDE) settings on the workstation are too low
Sage Timeslips Error Code 11 – During opening timeslips
Sage Timeslips Error 1973 – Occur due to incomplete installation
Sage Timeslips Error 122 – You are unable to access or retrieve data.
Sage Timeslips Credit Card Issue – Unhandled Exception when processing credit cards

At the moment Consultant is offered for Sage 2018, Sage 2019, and Premium members by Sage but Sage has made it clear that they want all their users to switch to the upgraded version, for that matter be it any product related to Sage.

Before you make up your mind about moving to the newer version, call the Sage Consultant team to clear all doubts and queries related to Sage Timeslips 2022, 2021, 2020, or 2019. We can help you upgrade and migrate to any new versions of the Sage line of products.

Call the AskForAccounting helpdesk team on our toll-free number one of our advisors will be able to guide you in a better way to download, install update Sage timeslips. They are well-versed in all the typical issues related to sage. Alternatively, you can also chat with Sage expert online 24*7 or drop in an email, and one of the experts will get back with the right solution.


What is the 3rd Party Integration/Compatibility required for Download Sage Timeslips 2019?

These are the 3rd Party Integration/Compatibility requirements:  
● Sage 50-U.S. Edition
● DacEasy Sage
● BusinessWorks in Sage
● Paya Currency Exchange
● QuickBooks by Intuit
● Amicus Curiae
● Matters of Time

How can you place your company’s watermark on draft bills?

To place t]your company’s watermark on draft bills, follow these steps:

● Select General from the Setup menu.
● Watermark is activated by clicking it.
● Click the Load Image button.
● Select your image and click Open.
● Select how you want the watermark to appear from the drop-down menus.
● Select OK.
● Select Reports, Global Report Options… from the drop-down menu.
● On the Show watermark option, select whether you want the watermark to appear “Never/Always” on bills and statements.

What is an accounts receivable report?

An accounts receivable aging report, also known as a receivable aging report, is a summary of all receivables owed by customers at any one moment. The report categorizes receivables outstanding from all clients into distinct aging groups depending on the number of days after the individual invoices were raised.