Print 1096 and 1099 Forms in Sage 50

This article is specifically crafted to gather information about the print 1096 forms for 1099 in Sage 50 and print vendor 1099 forms also.

With the updated and enhanced technologies now accessible in the accounting area, small-scale enterprises may function from anywhere and at any time. Sage 50 is one of the most cutting-edge accounting programs on the market today.

It was previously known as Peachtree, and it enables wholesale distributors to manage payroll, accounting, and payments with ease. Along with many other ground-breaking features that help in filing annual taxes. With the help of Sage, you can effortlessly e-file the 1096 and 1099 forms.

What is Exactly the 1096 and 1099 Forms?

Generally, 1099 is a vendor which is in a simple language known to be an individual who usually works for you but doesn’t come under the list of one of your employees. These vendors are usually named because you must provide them with an IRS Form 1099 if you are ever to pay them more than $600 in a fiscal year. The form 1099 is sent to keep your accounting books in order, even if they are not being paid more than $600.

How to Print 1096 Forms in Sage 50?

Usually, Form 1096 is mandatory and required whenever there is a need to submit paper 1099 forms When mailing 1099s to the IRS, combine them and include a separate 1096 for each set of 1099s. Because 1096 is a machine-readable form, it should always be printed on preprinted paper rather than plain paper.

To print the 1096 form, follow the following steps accurately to avoid unwanted errors.

  • For the first step, proceed to Insert the blank 1096 form that has been preprinted into your printer.
  • Next, From the Reports & Forms menu, further pick Forms, then Tax Forms. Sage 50 also displays the Select A Report or Form box.
  • After the subsequent step, Choose between Form 1096 – Preprinted and Form 1096. Print from the Forms menu. Sage 50 displays the Preview and Print filter screen.
  • Once the above step is done, proceed to further Verify that the year of the payroll is correct.
  • Thereafter, in the “Name of person to contact” section on the printed 1096, proceed to Enter the name of your company’s contact person.
  • Next, Click the Alter Restrictions option if you wish to manually adjust lower limits set by the federal government.
  • You can also set the lower limits in the 1096 Lower Limits window as desired.
  • For the next step, proceed to Select the same payment types that you specified when you created the 1099s in the Payment Method filter.
  • After this step, once you have completed configuring the filter pane, hit Print/Email.
  • Finally, click the drop-down arrow in the Name column and choose a new one, To print to a different printer.

How to Print Vendor 1099 Forms Sage 50

Ensure, before printing 1099 forms, install the most recent Sage 50 updates to ensure that your Sage 50 forms are compatible with federal guidelines. You must print your vendor 1099 papers before the payroll (calendar) year ends. To print the 1099 form, follow the following steps accurately to avoid unwanted errors.

  • For the foremost step, Fill your printer with preprinted blank 1099 forms.
  • After the subsequent step, choose Forms, then Tax Forms, From the Reports & Forms menu.
  • Pick between the 1099-MISC form (for printing 1099 miscellaneous income statements for vendors as required by the IRS) and the 1099-INT form (used to generate 1099 interest income statements for vendors, as required by the IRS).
  • Thereafter, Press the Preview and Print button displayed underneath the sample image on the Select a Report or Form window.
  • Once the above step is completed, proceed further to, Validate that the payroll year is correct.
  • Use the Alter Restrictions option if you want to manually change the federal government’s lower limits.
  • Next, in the Filter vendors by section, enter or select a vendor ID range, or accept the default of all vendors.
  • Select the kind of payments to include when generating 1099s, In the Payment Method filter.
  • After the subsequent step, proceed to click Print/E-mail, When you’ve done configuring the filter pane.
  • For the final step, Sage 50 displays the default printer in the Print dialogue. To print to a different printer, click the drop-down arrow in the Name column and choose a new one.
  • Otherwise, press OK to start printing the forms.


Why does the message “there were no forms to print” occur?

If you get the message saying, “There were no forms to print”, this specification indicates that you may not have vendors that are set up as 1099-type vendors or those 1099 vendors are short of meeting the minimum payment requirement.

What can be done to print multiple print copies of 1099-vendor forms?

To print multiple copies of 1099-vendor forms, you need to reprint the step where the forms are set out for printing.

What forms do Sage 50 prints?

Sage 50 usually only prints the 1099 Interest Forms or it prints the 1099 Miscellaneous.

How can one set up a vendor?

The process of setting up a vendor is very short and easy. 
Here’s how to do it:

● First, On the Vendors & Purchases Navigation Center, click the Vendor’s navigation aid and then New Vendor.
● Second, after the subsequent step, proceed to Enter a new vendor ID and fill in the appropriate details on the Maintain Vendors page.
● You can use the Setup Advisor on the right side of the screen as a reference.
● Finally, Once you are finished, hit on the button that says Save.

Is it possible to change a vendor ID?

Yes, it is possible to update and modify a particular vendor’s ID. It carries a procedure for the same.