access Sage 50 on Mobile

Access Sage 50 on Mobile Devices

Let us dig further into this article, which is solely constructed to provide all the necessary access information or configure Sage 50 on Mobile.

With advanced and upgraded technology, now in the accounting sector too, you can enjoy the benefit of working from anywhere and anytime for small-scale businesses. Sage 50 is one of the groundbreaking accounting software in today’s time. Formerly known as Peachtree, it permits wholesale distributors to manage payroll, accounting, and payments with ease.

How to Access or Configure Sage 50 on Mobile

Ensure that using Sage 50 Mobile, you must first turn on the mobile option in your Sage 50 software.

  • First and foremost, choose Internet Options after you open the Tools menu.
  • Next step, hit on the Mobile tab.
  • After the subsequent step, click Enable Mobile, to begin configuring your Sage 50 Mobile settings.
  • For the next step, select your location and then click on OK.
  • Next, proceed to Choose Enable Mobile for me only or Enable Mobile for myself and others then further click.
  • Thereafter, proceed to enter your Sage Passport credentials.
  • This is the email address and password you get after registering at
  • The next step is to enter your Sage 50 accounts software username and password. And then further, hit on the Next option.
  • To add other users, proceed to select Add new then complete the required fields.
  • Finally, once you are done setting up each user, you can further modify their access rights with the checkboxes as per the desired requirements.
  • Complete the process by clicking Next.

How to Download the Sage 50 Mobile App

For downloading Sage 50 Mobile, keep in mind to follow the below-mentioned step-by-step guide to avoid unwanted errors.

  • The first and foremost step is to ensure that the device containing your Sage Accounts data is turned on and properly, linked to the internet.
  • For the next step, the important step is to download the Sage 50 Accounts Mobile App on your mobile.


  • Android users can download and install it from the App Store. 
  • Now for iPad and iPhone:
  • For Apple users, it’s recommended to download and install the Mobile app from the Apple store.


You may install it using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager after downloading it to your PC.

  • Thereafter, now proceed to enter your Sage passport email address and password in the downloaded application.
  • For the last step, Choose the appropriate firm from the list.
Recommend: Install Sage 50 on MAC

Now let us proceed to know more about the features the Sage 50 on Mobile app presents.

Some Unique Features Sage 50 Mobile App withholds

Sage 50 Mobile app allows you to manage orders, inventory, and the majority of wholesale distribution procedures while on the go using any mobile device. Regardless of the place and time.

A. Track your expenses

Real-time monitoring of your company’s health. With this accounts can be updated by you and your team on the go.

B. Invoices can now include files and photos

After acquiring any supporting papers, photograph them and upload them to Sage Accounting.

C. Maintain a record of who owes you what

This helps in prioritizing more profitable clients while maintaining cash flow.

D. On-the-Go Inventory Management

On-the-go stock adjustments in real-time while invoicing saves time and speeds up your billing processes.


Reducing mistakes and the amount of time your direct store delivery driver must spend at each visit.

F. Traceability of Lots

When an invoice is sent to Sage 50, the lot numbers are exported. Lot numbers can be immediately discovered and traced in the case of a problem.

G. Accomplish more tasks

You can be just as productive while on the road using a mobile accounting app. You may even verify important information offline.


If an individual does not have a Sage password account or has forgotten the password, what to do?

If there is a situation where someone does not have a Sage password account, then you may go to the login window further turn on the mobile option, and then proceed to create a new one.

Is it possible for my accountant to access my Sage?

Yes, it is possible to invite my accountant to access my Sage. Here’s how to do it…

● First, proceed to the upper right-hand corner, click your company name, and then Manage Business Account.
● Second, after the subsequent step, On the left, click the Invite Accountant button.
● Third, now after inputting your accountant’s Sage email address, click Send Invite.

Can Sage 50 be accessed on a tablet?

Well, the answer is a sure shot, Yes, By connecting Sage 50 with your tablet device, you may replace inefficient paper-based systems for expenses, events, invoicing, worksheets, petty cash, and timesheets.