Sage Mobile Payments

If you have been using applications on mobile, that process the payments for you, you may love the new Sage mobile payments” for the level of security and extremely reduced processing fees.

It means that you are going to pay through your mobile phone without any processing fee, the same as you do on a credit card terminal. Where other providers charge a premium fee for this type of service, Sage Mobile Payments takes zero charges to do the same.

One of the most fascinating features of this service is that it provides you with End-to-end encryption which starts right from the swiping of your card up to the Sage exchange network.

How to Set Up Sage Mobile Payments

If you’re looking to expand your accounting software’s capabilities, then you may want to consider setting up mobile payments in Sage software. Sage offers a variety of options for mobile payments, so you can be sure that your business can accept payments from anywhere in the world. It is easy and can be completed within four simple steps.

  • Go to Sage and Sign up.
  • You will receive a swiper from Sage.
  • You need to attach the swiper to your mobile phone.
  • Once you have attached the swipe, you need to download the application either from Google Play or iTunes Store.
  • From the login interface, log in using your credentials and set up some required default settings.

The Most Important Benefit of Sage Mobile Payments

This kind of service is yet another level for most of the service providers out there, but with Sage, it is easy and possible. The credit card data of both your customer and your business is too important to not let it be encrypted up to the Exchange server.

You get to do a lot more with Sage Mobile payments. Yet another beneficial feature of this application is that you get to retrieve the invoice of your customer directly from your device and make the payment against the invoices.

It keeps your payments and other activities in sync and completes integration with the Sage Accounting Software that you have been working on. There are many other benefits to this application. Take a look at them:

  • Almost no processing fees for any mobile transaction.
  • If you are in the trade show, you get the opportunity to open up new sales at any time from anywhere.
  • If your customer is present, you can still close more sales.
  • The credit card reader is highly secure and completely encrypted because of which you always get the lowest card rates.
  • Sage Mobile Payments is available on a range of mobile phones and the count goes above 400.
  • You get to enjoy an unlimited credit card transaction volume on your Sage Mobile Payments on a monthly basis.
  • Any bank account is easily settled up with the reach hour level of 48 hours, which improves the cash flow.
  • You get to accept a lot more than just quick payments or retail.
  • You get to take non-profit installments, donations, and deposits, and the balance that is final while your work goes on, and even after it is completed.
  • You can receive the payments from anywhere you are, (even if you are at your customer’s place). No more lost checks and trips to the bank.

Sage Mobile Payments Error Messages and Issues

Sage has built-in tools that make it easy to set up and manage your mobile payments. Sage also offers a variety of payment options, so you can choose the one that works best for your business. Sometimes Sage gets errors, issues, and problems while paying from Sage accounting software, there are few errors, issues, and problems.

Sage Payments App Unable to log in

● Delete the Sage Payments application from your Phone.
● Login to mysagemobile with valid login credentials.
● Re-install the Sage payment application on your Phone.
Try to log in again.

Sage Mobile Payments Decode Unexpected Error

● Verify your device is listed on the Sage Mobile Device compatibility list.

Sage Mobile Payments Error GPS Turned Off

● Turn ON location/GPS

Sage Mobile Payments Error Obtaining Merchant Account Data

● The virtual terminal does not have an application ID in the gateway administration tool.

Sage Mobile Payments Application Crashes

● Uninstall Sage Mobile Payment App.
● Go to Phone Settings >> General >> Accessibility
Off-bold text setting.
● Restart your device.
Re-install Sage Mobile Payments again.

Sage Mobile Payments Unable to Process When Connected to Wi-Fi

● Turn off Wi-Fi.
● Verify the Wi-Fi login credentials.
● You can use your cellular data network.

Sage Mobile Payments Error Unable to Process

● Download the Sage Mobile Payments app for iPhone or Android.
● Login on SMP, and use now.

Sage Mobile Payments Error 1

● Go to the Sage Mobile Payments app.
● Click on the setting icon.
● Click on Transaction History.

Sage Mobile Payment Application Downloaded Failed

● Uninstall/Delete and Re-install again Sage payment app

Sage Mobile Payments 2.0 Can’t Open

● Download the Sage Payments 2.0 mobile app from your phone app store.
● Disable your phone’s 3G/4G connection and connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Sage Mobile Payments Account Locked

● Reset your Sage mobile payment password

Sage Mobile Payments Error Girl Scouts

● Connect the Sage consultant team.

Sage Mobile Payments or Mckesson Mobile Unable to Swipe Credit Cards Using iOS7

● Allow the Sage Payments application to access the microphone (Settings >> Privacy >> Microphone >> Adjust).

Sage Mobile Payments Decline Codes

Decline code 313Decline code 000001Decline code 000002Decline code 000003Decline code 000004
Decline code 000005Decline code 000006Decline code 000007Decline code 000014Decline code 000015
Decline code 000019Decline code 000028Decline code 000041Decline code 000043Decline code 000051
Decline code 000054Decline code 000057Decline code 000061Decline code 000062Decline code 000063
Decline code 000065Decline code 000078Decline code 000091Decline code 000093Decline code 000096
Decline code 0000CVDecline code 0000N7Decline code 0000R1Decline code 20005

If you have any other queries about Sage Mobile Payments, or if you are looking forward to getting Sage and its other software-related issues. You can get in touch with our AskForAccounting Sage Consultant team. You can get in touch with them by giving them a call, email, or chat with Sage experts. They provide their services 24*7.