Sage 50 File System Error 3110

Sage 50 Fatal File System Error 3110

Sage 50 file system error 3110 is the file system issue that can be defined as the kind of error that forces your program to shut down automatically right after it shows up. Consequently, the user is unable to perform any operation on the system.

There are several codes for the file system error 3110 is one among them. Ensure that you follow the process thoroughly. It is important to not jumble up the troubleshooting steps. There is a bit of technical know-how involved in following the steps.

What’s mean Sage 50 File System Error

You are working on Sage 50 on the computer system running on Sage 50 error appears on the screen which reads: “File System Error 3110 in SERIAL.DAT”. If this is what it reads, then upgrade the software right away.

Causes Behind Sage 50 File System Error 3110

Following are some other causes and reasons behind file system errors.

  • Loss of network connection between the server and workstations.
  • Networks that operate wirelessly.
  • The server is being restarted.
  • Network Interface Cards (NICs) are being converted to hibernation mode.
  • The network router has been disconnected.
  • Network timeout while the client or workstation is waiting for the response from the server.

How to Fix Sage 50 File System Error 3110 in File System

There are a few workable methods that we are going to try to fix Sage 50 file system error 3110. We will walk you through every step, but in case you face any issues then dial us toll-free.

Method 1: Restarting the Pervasive

  • Exit Sage 50 and start it once more. If the error persists then you’d be required to restart the Pervasive.
  • If you are working in a multiuser environment then you will need to restart the computer and shut down all the other workstations before getting ahead with it.

Method 2: Troubleshooting the error

  • First, shut down and then start Sage 50 again. Now try the action once more.
  • If the error persists, shut down the computer and start it again.
  • If the error has not been resolved by restarting the computer system, then do the same with the server.
  • If you find that the file was accessed before the connection went absent, then it means that the file is corrupt or damaged.
  • In case the error references you to a particular file and the steps provided error has been proven useless.
  • Then you will be required to find and fix the damage.
  • Go to the next step to proceed with the procedure.

Method 3: Run Repair on Sage over the Server

  • If the file is in the data path, rename the given file and run Repair on Sage over the Server.
  • If the file is in the company data directory, then you will need to go to the company data directory and delete a few files.
  • Find the directory of your data.
  • If the file cannot be deleted but you can open it, then you will need to re-index it.
  • If you are unable to either delete or re-index the given file, then you will need to find a good backup and restore it.
  • In case you find yourself unable to open the company and the file in your computer data folder, you will need to find a good backup and restore it.

Method 4: Disable the IPv6

  • Open Run Window (Windows + R)
  • Then type Regedit and then Enter
  • Now go to the HKEY_Local_Machine/System/Currentcontrolset/Services/Topic6/Parameters
  • Find out an option for Disabled components.
  • After that, double-click on Disabled Components.

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What precautions can you take to prevent getting Sage 50 file system error 3110?

You can follow the given methods to prevent getting Sage Error 3110.
● Check if network routers are plugged in.
● Check for damaged network cables.
● Check for the interference of other network cables.
● Check for junk files sent by bad NIC.
● Check for wireless networks.

How can you restart your pervasive to troubleshoot Sage error 3110?

To restart you’re pervasive follow the steps mentioned below:
● First, go to the Start option on the Windows desktop.
● Then select Administrative Tools by double-clicking it.
● Now Click Pervasive PSQL in the right pane.
● Once on The action menu click Stop.
● Finally, click Restart from the Action menu.
Note: If you are using multi-users then close Sage from all the systems.