Resetting or Restoring Sage 50 Company Data

There are often times when users might have to resetting or restoring Sage 50 company data. If, for example, a user entered test data in a trial version, and later on they wish to enter real data, or the user incorrectly processed their accounts and now they need to re-process them, the user might need to reset their accounting start and accounting data.

Resetting or restoring data is an easy-to-do process, and the only thing that needs to be kept in mind before they can proceed to reset or restore their data is that only the business owner has permission to reset or restore data. The business owner can be defined as the person who originally signed up for and has full access to the accounting start.

How to Be Resetting or Restoring Sage 50 Company Data

Users can follow the steps that are mentioned below if they wish to reset their data. But before resetting their data, the user must make sure to print any reports that hold significant importance, and make a note of any information that the user might want to re-enter, such as contact details. Also, if the user is using bank feeds, then, in that case, the user must first disconnect all banks from their accounts.

Follow the steps to reset their Sage 50 Company Data

  • First, the user needs to go to ‘More’.
  • In the ‘More’ menu, the user needs to go to ‘Business Settings
  • Users who wish to reset their data can do so easily by navigating to the ‘Data Management’ section, which can be found in the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Going to the Data Management section Select Reset my Data.
  • Now, enter the email address you use to sign into your Sage service, then clears all of the user’s data so that the user can start over again.

Follow the steps to Restoring their Sage 50 Company Data

The process of restoration of the data is a process that is pretty similar to the process of resetting the data. Users can use the ‘Restore Data’ option to restore their data after they have reset it. Users might want to restore their data if they reset it on accident, or they might also want to restore their data if they need to verify something important before they can proceed to enter some new data.

Before the user can begin with the restoration process, it is recommended that the user takes a regular backup of their Sage data so that they can restore it at any time in case of some kind of data loss.

How can take a Sage 50 backup without any issues

  • Firstly, open the company for which they are trying to take the backup.
  • Once they have done that, they need to go to ‘File’,.
  • Inside the ‘File’ menu, the user needs to select the ‘Backup’ option.
  • In this window, the user will see options to set a reminder if a backup has not been taken for a number of days (the user can set how many days), an option that makes sure to include the company name in the backup file name.
  • When the user has pressed the ‘Back Up’ button, this window is basically for the user to set the location where they desire to save this backup file that is being created. By default, the backup will save in the company data location.
  • Also, if there is not enough space on the user’s workstation, the process will fail. The software will generate another window which will tell the user how much space the backup file needs.
  • The user can hit ‘Save’ once they have decided the location where they want to save their file.
  • The backup will start to happen on the user’s workstation.
  • After the backup has reached its full completion, the user can just press ‘OK’ in the window in front of them showing them the progress of the backup.

Once the backup has been taken successfully, the user can proceed to restore their data. If the user has issued any invoices with the ‘Pay Now’ button prior to resetting their data, then their customers can still pay the user. However, the payments for these invoices are not automatically processed. The user must manually record them once they appear in your account.

How to Restore Sage 50 Company Data

  • Foremost, the user needs to go to ‘More’.
  • In the ‘More’ menu, the user needs to go to ‘Business Settings.
  • Now, Once the user is in the ‘Business Settings’ menu, they need to look for the option titled ‘Data Management.
  • Next, if the user has found the ‘Data Management’ section successfully, they should be able to see an option with the title ‘Restore my data’.
  • After, enter the email address that they usually use to sign into their Sage services.
  • Finally, if they provide the correct login credentials, they will be able to see a button that says ‘Restore Data’.
  • The user can just push this button, and their data would have successfully been restored.