Sage 50 Cannot Communicate with Email Program

Unable to Email from Sage 50

The unable to an email from Sage 50 issue happens when the email writer is damaged, email preferences are not set, or the email client is not available. This error shows up when the user tries to send an email but is unable to send it.

Many more reasons are mentioned in the article below. The solutions are also mentioned with detailed steps so that you can fix the issue unable to email from Sage 50 on your own.

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Why Not Be Able to Send an Email?

A list of reasons is mentioned here that help you identify the reason that causes the unable to an email from sage 50 error. The reasons are mentioned here…

  • The email writer got damaged.
  • There is no email client on the system.
  • The email program communication with Sage 50 is blocked by UAC (User Account Control).
  • The email program is not compatible with Sage 50 or the system you are using.
  • Your Windows system is not updated.
  • In Windows, the email client you are using is not set as default.
  • Sage 50 is not updated to the latest release.
  • The configuration is not set for the Email Writer.

Solutions to Fix Unable to Email From Sage 50

There are the best solutions that help you resolve the issue of being unable to email from Sage 50. After identifying the reason, choose the solution accordingly and perform it properly. Different solutions are listed here so that they help you to resolve the problem on your own. Check out the solutions below.

Solution 1- Check for the default application in your Windows system

  • In your Windows system
  • Click on the Start menu button
  • Select Default Apps
  • Now switch your default app for an email to any other email program
  • After that again switch the app to the default app
  • Check it in the Sage software now.

Solution 2- Make sure to Run Sage 50 as an Administrator

  • Close the Sage 50 application first to proceed
  • Then go to the Sage icon on your desktop
  • Right-click on the Sage icon
  • Then choose Run as Administrator
  • Check the email when Sage opens up.


  • Right-click on the Sage 50 icon
  • Then choose the option Properties
  • Click on the Compatibility tab
  • Select the checkbox that says Run the program as Administrator 
  • Hit on the Apply button
  • Then click on the OK button
  • It opens up Sage 50 and then verifies the email working.

Solution 3- Check and Verify Outlook’s Default account

  • First, open the Microsoft Outlook Program as an Administrator
  • Click on the File menu option
  • Further, choose the Account Settings option
  • Again, click the Account Settings
  • In the type field, check that there is a note for the default account
  • Now, close the MS Outlook
  • Check the working of email in Sage software.

Solution 4- Disable the User Account Control

  • Go to the Start menu button
  • Click on the search field
  • Then type the UAC (User Account Control)
  • Choose the option Change User Account Control Settings
  • You have to move the slider toward the Never Notify option
  • Then hit on OK button to save changes
  • If any pop-up opens up asking do you want to allow this app to make changes to your advice?
  • Click on the Yes button to continue
  • Restart the system to save and make changes effective.

Solution 5- Set up your Email as the default program in Windows

  • Firstly, close the program Sage 50 
  • Now, you have to set the Windows default Email client
  • Click on Additional Information to check the instructions for every Windows version
  • After that, open Sage 50 and check that email can be done easily.

Solution 6- Update the Windows system

  • Open the Windows settings
  • Then go to the update and check for updates
  • After that download the update
  • When the download is completed, install the updates
  • Now, restart the computer.

Solution 7- Install the latest Sage 50 service release or Sage 50 product update

  • Open the Sage 50 program as an Administrator
  • Then click on the Services option
  • Further, click on the Check for Updates option
  • Hit on Check Now
  • Then select the Download Sage
  • When done, click on the OK button and then close the Sage 50 software
  • When you launch the Sage 50 again the installer for service release opens up to install the update
  • In case, you see a security warning of Windows on your screen, click on the Yes button
  • Now, it installs the update and then verifies the issue by sending the email.

In conclusion, you get the solutions based on reasons so that you can easily fix the issue unable to email from Sage 50 or Sage 50 Outlook issue. Find out the root of the error and then resolve it by applying the solution. In case, you have any glitches then connect with the Sage 50 helpdesk team. The team members are here to help you troubleshoot the problems you are facing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which email program is compatible with Sage 50?

Sage 50 is compatible with the MAPI Compliant email program which is 32-bit. So, you have to use the email program that is MAPI compliant.

How to Reinstall Email Writer when the issue is unable to email from Sage 50?

To reinstall you have to run the repair first on the installation file using Control Panel then after repair if it works then ok. If it won’t then uninstall and again install the Sage 50 program properly. After this, check that email is working.

How do you run Microsoft Outlook as an Administrator?

● Right-click on Microsoft Outlook
● Then choose option Properties
● In this, click on the Advanced option
● Now, tick mark the box of Run as Administrator
● The compatibility tab may not be visible as it depends on the version you are using
● So right-click on the program and choose the option Troubleshoot compatibility
● You have to click on The program needs additional permissions
● Then hit the Finish button and done.

Does it is required to restart the computer after resolving the problem of Sage 50 being unable to email?

Yes, all the changes done by you must be applied to the system properly. If you don’t reboot it then sometimes all the changes have done won’t reflect in your system.

Unable to communicate with Microsoft Outlook- What’s Next

Microsoft Outlook and Sage 50cloud Accounts need to be used with the same degree of access to fix the issue.

● You have to right-click the shortcut for the program, then you have to select Properties.
● Now you have to click the Compatibility tab.
● Select the Run this software as an administrator check box under Settings or Privilege Level.
● After clicking OK, start the program.