Can I use QuickBooks for more than one Business?


Can I use QuickBooks for more than one Business?
Well, if we have to answer your query “Can I use QuickBooks for more than one business?” with a simple yes or no…


The answer would be a big “Yes”.

Yes, you can use QuickBooks for more than one business at the same time. QuickBooks offers you with great flexibility that allows you to manage financials of different companies under one QuickBooks copy.

If you are worried about having a cluttered data with all the financials messed up under your accounting program then worry not. QuickBooks allows you to manage each business separately. Your first business data will be entirely different and managed in a different folder than your second business.

How can I use QuickBooks for more than one business?

As now you know that you can run multiple businesses in QB, thus now is the time to move to the next step and that is “How can I use Quickbooks for more than one business?”

The process to create a new company file is simple and absolutely similar to setting up a new business. Provide all the info, about your new business and your company data will be all set and ready to use in QuickBooks. As already said, each business will is stored in its own file thus there is no chance of mixing financials.

Steps to setup QuickBooks multiple companies: One file  

  1. Login to your QuickBooks accounting program.
  2. From your dashboard top navigation panel, access files menu.
  3. From the drop down menu, click on the “New” tab. This will open up a new dialogue box to setup a new company file.
  4. Choose the start interview tab and the process to setup a new company will begin.
  5. You will now be followed by a set of prompts that would be like:
    • Name of your new business,
    • Address,
    • Contact details and other info.
  6. With all the information now provided, choose the next button. You will now be asked to save the file in your preferred location. Click on the Save button and navigate to the area, where you want to secure your business data.
  7. Click next tab.
  8. Follow the prompts as they will be self-explanatory. Provide all the details that will be required to finish up your business setup process.
  9. Choose the finish tab and this will complete your setup for new business in QuickBooks.

If you have more businesses whose financials you want to store within QuickBooks than you have to start the process all over again and you will now see multiple companies under one QuickBooks.

How can I manage multiple businesses in QuickBooks?

As now that you have multiple companies maintained, all you need to do is manage them in QuickBooks.

The easy way to shuffle or switch between different companies in your accounting software is to use the file option. Here are the steps to navigate between different companies:

  1. Login to your QuickBooks dashboard.
  2. Choose the files button from the top most navigation bar.
  3. A drop down menu will now open.
  4. From the list of options provided, choose open previous company This will further open up the slider.
  5. Choose the business you need to update within QuickBooks. Click on the file and the same will open for you to make any changes.

Hope you are now successfully managing different businesses data under one QB copy. But if in any case you are still asking “Can I use QuickBooks for more than one business” and aren’t able to manage them under one file then you need our QuickBooks proadvisor support.

Call us for any query you might have and we will help you fix it in no time.