Customers Declined Credit Card Payments in QuickBooks

Customers Declined Credit Card Payments in QuickBooks (Desktop and Online)

QuickBooks provides several possible payment method choices for all clients and customers to simplify accountancy. In today’s article, we will discuss how to fix customers declined credit card payments in QuickBooks (Desktop and Online) with all the relevant information. QuickBooks offers huge choices of payment methods for all customers/clients to make all accountancy easy.

Find out Certain Possible Reasons why Customer’s FSA/HSA Card Gets Declined

Here are the reasons why the QuickBooks (Desktop and Online) credit payment problem arises…

  • Non-availability of funds
  • Credit card holders crossed a particular limit
  • The cards have expired

How to Fix Customers Declined Credit Card Payments in QuickBooks Desktop

Customers can easily access all payments through credit cards or debit cards. Most customers/clients are sometimes unable to decline credit card payments such to missing info or authorization issues. Customers can swiftly access all the payments via the debit or credit cards. Most clients or customers are often unable to use credit card payments because of authorization problems or missing information problems.

Things you need to Check while Entering the Credit Card’s information Manually

  • Must be sure about the correct credit card number and verification code. You find most credit card has 16 digits but American Express card has only 15 digits long
  • For credit card numbers, the user needs to enter the verification code with all mandatory information. As for other cards such as MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards, there is a 3-digit number that is available on the back of the card. But in the case of the American card, you find 4-digits on its back
  • Must be sure that there is no space or any kind of special character utilization
  • The user needs to use the customer address identity from the US USPS website.
  • First of all, go to “Transactions” and click on “Banking” from the drop-down menu
  • Then, the user needs to open the “Review Page” and then choose the “Customer Payment” option
  • After that, drop your arrow on the “Batch Actions” button and then click on the “Exclude selected” and you are all done with this procedure

Process all Business Credit Card Payments with your Smartphones

In any case, if you find that your customers/clients utilize a special commercial code identity, then the user needs to click on the “Merchant Service” and update all necessary information regarding your “Industry Type” along with all required information. With the below steps, you are enabled to process the commercial codes

  • Firstly, sign in to the “Merchant Service Centre
  • From the homepage, the user needs to drop the cursor on the “Account
  • After that, choose “Account Profile
  • Go to the “Account holder/Business information” file and then choose the “Edit option
  • Make sure to enter the last 4 digits correctly of your Business Tax ID number or SSN and mark your click on the “Submit” option
  • Choose and change your “Industry Type” as per your according.
  • In the end, hit your click on the “Reason for this accounting change” and click on “submit” and you are all done with this process

To process all international credit card approaches, make sure you know about these things

Users may face a zip code error issue while using these credit card payments. If your clients or customers use an international credit card make sure they enter all information correctly. In the US, all customers have to pay through an international credit card.

Get Acknowledge How to Process with Flex Spending Card

Availability of some credit cards such as flex spending (FSA) cards which are specifically utilized by certain types of business personalities. To request to accept flexible spending cards with these steps

  • First of all, need to accept the “type of product” or service you want to provide
  • Enter your next hit on the “State the name of your business
  • Enter a 16-digit merchant account number
  • User requests must be assigned via the principal on the merchant account.

How to Fix the Customers Declined Credit Card Payments in QuickBooks Online

A QuickBooks user needs to learn what must be done in case the credit card payments of a customer are declined when they are processed. In case you have QuickBooks payments, it is possible to process the customer payments from QuickBooks Online products directly. Customers can make the payment via debit card or credit card. Often, the credit cards that customers have and process fail to go through. It can be triggered by several common problems like missing information or authorization issues.

A- What are the things you need to check when adding the credit card information manually?

Here are the things you need to check when entering the credit card information manually:

  • For credit card numbers, the user must enter the verification code with all the required information. Concerning other cards like Discover cards, MasterCard, and Visa, a 3-digit number is present on the back of the card. However, for the American card, 4-digits on the back are important
  • The user must use the customer address identity from the particular US USPS website
  • You need to ensure that the right credit card number plus the verification code is added. Usually, most credit cards have 16 digits, however, an American Express card has just 15 digits only.
  • The user needs to ensure that no additional space is present or any type of special use of characters.

B- Processing of Debit Cards

  • In case there is no logo on the card, or it is not linked with a larger credit card company, you may fail to process the card
  • In QuickBooks Online, debit cards should be linked with bigger credit card companies to execute them like credit cards. It means companies with logos like Discover, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express
  • Debit card transactions can get rejected in case your customer lacks adequate money to cover it. Ensure that you connect with them to ensure that the card is still valid.

C- Processing Business Credit Cards

To complete transactions, certain corporate credit cards, but not all of them, need extra commercial codes. Speak with your client to find out if purchases need a unique business code issued by their workplace. In case your customer accesses particular commercial codes, navigate to the Merchant Service Center and then update the industry type. It enables you to process the commercial codes:

  • Log in to the Merchant Service Center
  • On the homepage, choose Account-Account Profile
  • In the Business Information/Account Holder section, choose Edit
  • Add the last 4 digits of your particular business Tax ID number, or SSN and choose Submit
  • Choose and change your Industry Type
  • Choose a reason for this account change. Now choose Submit.

D- Processing Flex Spending Cards

  • Often credit cards such as the Flex Spending cards can be processed by specific kinds of businesses.

E- Accessing saved Customer Credit Card Info

Customers must permit you to store their payment information in their profile before you may retain it on file. Every time you bill them, you also have to get their approval again. With their consent, you can make modifications if a customer’s payment information changes or if something goes wrong. Rarely, you might have to erase all of the data and start again if you continue to have problems.

Note: Ensure that you acquire authorization from your respective customer before making any changes.

Final Words

We hope that after reading this article, all your doubts concerning the customers declined credit card payments in QuickBooks (Desktop and Online) issue can be resolved. We have highlighted what the article is all about and how to fix such problems. Still, likely, you may not get the desired results or get stuck somewhere. In such a scenario, you need to talk to our team of experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up credit card processing in QuickBooks?

You need to choose Vendor and Customer profile lists from the specific Lists menu and then press the payment method list.
● Then you need to choose New from the particular Payment Method dropdown menu
● Now you need to add the Payment Type and Payment Method
● Finally, choose OK

How does the Credit Card processing function in QuickBooks?

Here are the steps on how Credit Card processing works in QuickBooks:
● You need to include a button for Online payment on invoices with QuickBooks Payments
● Consumers can click to make a payment using an ACH bank transfer, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, credit card, or debit card. Payments will automatically be deposited and your books updated. Not to mention, your books will receive and payments will get automatically.

Can credit card payments be considered as an expenditure in QuickBooks?

Customers can click to pay using a credit card, debit card, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, or an ACH bank transfer. Your books will be updated and payments will be deposited automatically.

Are the credit card payments registered as cash?

Since the buyer does not pay for a credit card purchase right away, they may wait until long later—it is not considered a cash transaction.