Change Customer Message in QuickBooks – Change Message on Invoice, Email etc..


QuickBooks is a pretty handy tool that not only helps you with your accounting but also allows creating a meaningful impact among your clients. Not only it helps you manage and send invoices but you can even know “how to change customer message in QuickBooks“. With QB you can:

  • Greet your clients within your invoice or email’s
  • Feel more connected and sense belonging,
  • You can appear as a brand and get loyal customers.

How to Change Customer Message in QuickBooks:

If you need and want to be more casual or formal in your approach then here are the steps you need to follow to change customer message in QuickBooks:

Total Time: 15 minutes

🔹 Login to your QuickBooks company dashboard,

🔹 Locate the settings tab. This you can find this on the top navigation bar.

🔹 From the drop down menu click on the accounts and settings tab and select to click on the company settings tab.

🔹 From the display window that now appears, click on the sales tab. You can find that on the left side of your screen.

🔹 Here you will find the screen like the one below, with the options like Customize, Sales from content, Products and Services, Messages etc.

🔹 Select the pencil icon alongside the “Message option”. This will now allow you to edit the default message.

🔹 If you would like to address your client with a greeting then checkmark the box and select from the predefined options.

🔹 Choose from the list of following templates, wherein you want the message to be customized. You can change customer message for any template within your list, like:

Credit memo
Sales receipts
Estimates or even in

🔹 Select any of the templates above and change the message that suits your needs. Please note, to change the message globally simply select all the forms above.

🔹 To see, how your changes will look in the final copy, send yourself a sample copy.

🔹 If all looks perfect then click on the save option.

🔹 Select Done to exit the window.


To change the message to any of the local languages your customer understands you would need to change the language of your system.

How to Change Customer Message in Your Local Language?

If you are using windows and want to change the language of your computer then here the settings you would need to go through:

  • Click on the windows button on your keyboard.
  • Choose the control panel icon.
  • Now you will see all the different options you to play with. Click on the language option and finally select the “Regional & Language” tab.
  • Choose keyboards & language button and click on the display language option.
  • From the predefined list of languages, choose one of your choices.
  • Hit Ok when done.

Congratulations, you have successfully changed your system’s language. Now go through the above steps to change customer message in QuickBooks and you will be able to change your customer message to the local language of your choice.

Did you just see, what happened?

The only thing you did is, greeted your customer, lightened up their mood and in return you get is a happy paying customer.

Greeting messages is anytime better than just simply throwing invoice on your customers face. This way you address them in particular.

Though it is really difficult to message each and every customer if you are a big company, you can use a simple trick and maintain a simple, standard greeting template that gets forwarded to your every invoice or mail you send.  You will be pleased to know that QuickBooks has already taken care of this very thing. Whenever you send out an invoice, QuickBooks attaches and prints a default message that reads like:

“Your invoice is attached. Please remit payment at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your business – we appreciate it very much.


Name of your business.”

Though the above message is sufficiently enough to greet and diplomatically ask your customers to pay but if you feel the need you can customize the same as per your own preferences.

Hope your query “How to change customer message in QuickBooks” has been answered successfully. If you are still left with any doubts or looking for more info. then please contact us our QuickBooks proadvisors.

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