Export an Invoice from QuickBooks to Excel

Export an Invoice from QuickBooks to Excel

Generating reports like invoices, bills, etc. is one of the essential features of QuickBooks. For further analysis, these invoice reports need to be exported from QuickBooks by the user or the accountant. Learn how to export an invoice from QuickBooks to Excel into CSV format.

QuickBooks is straightforward revolutionary software in the accounting software market that comprises potential features like easily managing the accounting and finance part of all businesses. Due to the frequent changes carried out in worksheets, advanced Excel options in QuickBooks need to be preferred. QuickBooks invoice reports can be exported as a Microsoft Excel workbook but with the CSV format, you save time that is used for extra formatting for the reports. It helps in the immediate filtering of invoice reports.

How to Export an Invoice from QuickBooks to Excel in a .CSV Format

To export an invoice from QuickBooks to Excel in a .CSV format, you would need to follow the below-given steps.

  • Login to your QuickBooks accounts and head over to the Reports tab.
  • Click on the Sales tab and then choose the customer details.
  • This will open up a report window. Here you can choose the name of the clients and the date range for which you want to extract the details.
  • If you need any further info or other columns to be included within your report then you can do that by applying filters. To include further filters:
    • Click on the Customize tab. This will give you the option to customize your report in a different pop-up.
    • Now here, click on the filters option and check to mark the options that you want to be included within your Excel report.
    • Once you are done, click on the OK button and this will modify your report based on your preferences.
    • Now choose the Excel button and this will download your QuickBooks invoice data in a .CSV format in MS Excel.

If you are new to using the program then you might face a lot of issues, not on the accounting part but on the technical ground. Thus if at any time you feel like you are facing problems while using QuickBooks then give us a call to Askforaccounting and get connected with our QuickBooks consultant team now.