QuickBooks Admin Password Not Working

The QuickBooks administrator password is needed to access any information or data; that you have stored in your QuickBooks data files folders. But there may be times when you experience a “QuickBooks admin password not working” error.

This process will protect your business from unauthorized login or access to their most important details. Well, the reason here can be anything and this is what we will walk you through today.

What’s mean QuickBooks Admin Password Not Working

Your QuickBooks password is the most crucial element of your whole accounting system. It not only keeps your financial data safe but also helps you prevent it from any unauthorized usage. The password of the QuickBooks account will protect your information from other things. No one can access the information without your permission. But what if you have a complaint to make regarding QuickBooks: forgot password? In that case, resetting or recovering password are the only options left. To speed up the whole process.

As discussed already that QuickBooks is a fully protected platform until you have your QuickBooks password secured with you. But when there is a glitch or your admin password is not working then most likely you have forgotten the same. If the user remembers their security question then they can follow the below instructions to get their QuickBooks password recovered.

How to Recover QuickBooks Admin Password

With the help of the below-given steps, the user can learn to recover QuickBooks Administrator Password.

  • Open the accounting software site of QuickBooks.
  • Fill out the form and submit it on the website.
  • An automatic email will be sent on their registered email id.
  • The email will have a number as a token which will help you to approve the procedure of resetting the secret keys.
  • It will also utilize during reset passwords by connecting a downloadable executable.
  • This email will be helpful for them to recover their password
  • Open the email and copy that token number.
  • Download, they will search a layout.
  • Select to connect the executable.
  • Here at the layout, the user requires the token, two fields, and company file location which will appear new password key.
  • Fill out the form and submit it.
  • The user will get the details to complete the process.
  • They will be able to sign the QuickBooks Company record with the Latest admin password of the software.

If the user is not able to recover the password for the software then here is what you would do next.

QuickBooks Password Reset: Step by Step Process

  • Login into QuickBooks Administrator, and select Ok.
  • For the sign-in as SYSADMIN as a password.
  • At the time of making the password the user needs to create the secret word in numbers, so that ensure the number lock needs on.
  • The user can check the letters for correction.

Steps to Recover Admin Password via QuickBooks Password Reset Tool

The user can download the recovery tool on their system. With the help of the password reset tool, the user will be able to recover their Admin Password.

Step 1:

  • Login to the Website.
  • They will get a form to fill it: Provide for following details in the necessary field.
    • Postal code.
    • Email address & phone number.
    • Your first & last name.
    • The license number of QuickBooks.

Step 2:

  • The user needs to verify the picture and submit it
  • Now the user will get a token number with the link, they need to download the recovery tool for the automatic password.
  • Download it and run it on their system.
  • Fill in the token and software that they get via mail and select Ok.
  • Through the Consultant of this tool, they will unlock their account and recover the data.

If everything is followed correctly and as per order then your query “QuickBooks Admin Password not working” must be sorted by now. But if for some reason you are not able to go through your problem then QuickBooks Error Consultant is available for your round the clock.

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