How to Fix QuickBooks Online Error 6200: Account Period Has Closed?

The error message shown to your screen is-

“The accounting period has closed and the QuickBooks account is not updated through through the QBO Services API. Please use the website of QuickBooks Online to make all these changes.”

“The Books or accounting period has closed the in QuickBooks Online for this period. Please record this change in QBO manually or open your books in QBO to allow this change to sync.”

It also shows you the Error code 6200 with the error message

“Error 6200: Account Period Closed, The accounting period has closed.”

This error has various reasons for the cause and also has solutions according to the reason. Follow the solution and get it resolved easily and for more, you can also connect with the QuickBooks customer helpdesk.

What Cause you this problem in your QuickBooks Online account?

In your QuickBooks online account, you mentioned the date of the closed period on the invoice that is not able to post this month. This usually happens in case of late invoice received of closed previous period.

If you made changes to the invoice of the previously closed accounts but the software is preventing it from making changes because of the purpose of tax or reconciliation.

It also happens because it is so rarely occurred old closing period invoice to the current period of QuickBooks.

Fix QuickBooks Online Error 6200: Account Period Has Closed

There are various solutions that are used to resolve this error. Perform it accordingly to resolve the issue. The solutions are:-

1️⃣ Change the Date of the Invoice in QuickBooks Account

🔹 You have to open the invoice again in your QuickBooks account
🔹 Then change the date of the invoice to the present month date
🔹 After doing these changes, export the invoice in your account
🔹 Now the issue is resolved. Because the invoice is posted to the period that is in working and not to the previous one.

2️⃣ Login as an Administrator and change close date

🔹 To find the close date or to change it, login as an administrator
🔹 Click on the Settings option
🔹 Further click on the option Accounts and Settings
🔹 Go to the Advanced tab
🔹 Then in the Accounting section
🔹 Select the Edit option
🔹 Now the close date is visible and you can change it
🔹 Then save it.

Check the Closing Period

🔹 First of all, check it with your accountant
🔹 Check for the closing period
🔹 If it is ok to re-open the closed period
🔹 Then do it with your accountant and push all the orders in it that are related to that period
🔹 With this, you can easily put all the orders in your QuickBooks account, and also, the error is resolved.

How to connect with QuickBooks professionals?

Above, you get the solution that helps you in resolving the QuickBooks Online Error 6200: Account period has closed issue. The team is here all around the clock to help you all the time whenever required. The members of the team are experienced and have resolved all kinds of glitches whether they are big or small. You can ask your queries or issues anytime by connecting with them via QuickBooks support team +1800-865-4183 and get the best assistance ever. They are glad to help you with all your issues or errors as per your requirements by providing you the different means of communication. So, reach then via 24/7 live chat or also send them an email at