Script Error in QuickBooks

Here in the below article, you will get to know reasons and troubleshooting guidance to fix Script error in QuickBooks and their causes. Script errors generally occur while running QuickBooks Desktop or trying to access a web-based (internet) feature.

The script error does not display any information related to the cause. The error message provides no clear information which often confuses the users. One such technical error that you can come across while working on the QuickBooks software is Script error.

What’s mean Script Error in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Script Error is a common error that can be seen in the QuickBooks software. You will come across this error when you are opening the QuickBooks application. This issue restricts you from working on the software and slows the updating process as well. Though you can resolve this error with the solution mentioned in this article, it is suggested that you seek QuickBooks Desktop Assistance.

In case there take place any installation errors in the VB script or JavaScript due to the failure of an internet explorer then there appears an error. The error message notifies the message QuickBooks script error unable to get property length of undefined or null reference.

Script Error Message: An error has occurred on the script of this page Line: 7 Char: 561 Error: Unable to Get Property Length of Undefined or Null Reference Code: 0

An error has occurred in the script of this page


Also see the error status asInternet Explorer error“.

Causes of Script Error into QuickBooks

Script errors usually come up when QuickBooks try to connect to Internet Explorer and Glen occur due to incorrect Internet Explorer settings. When opening QuickBooks it uses the Internet Explorer settings to access the internet.

  • Browser configuration is responsible for this.
  • Internet Explorer is already in use.
  • Internet Explorer is not in sync with the QuickBooks application.

How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Script Error

The resolution of a script error does not need depth troubleshooting. The internet settings resetting often fixes the error. Here are the solution steps to fix the script error in QuickBooks.

Step 1: Edit Internet settings and set Intuit as a trusted website

Follow the steps:

  • Open your Internet Explorer.
  • Below the Settings option click on the Security option.
  • Locate the Trusted sites button embed * as a trusted website.
  • After then click on the Trusted Sites option.
  • Now the unmark needs verification regarding the Server.
  • After this exit the trusted sites window.
  • Unselect the Enable Protected mode button.
  • Close the Internet explorer.
  • After that re-try to execute the QuickBooks Desktop.

If you still receive the scripting error then proceed with the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps.

Step 2: Verify you Enable the Script Debugging option in an Internet Explorer

Follow the steps to turn on the script debugging feature in Internet Explorer.

  • Locate the Internet Explorer Tools button.
  • Select Internet options.
  • Discover the dialog box which says Internet Options and Hit on the Advanced tab.
  • Check the setting option that appears on the Advanced option.
  • Click on the Browsing section.
  • Enable the Script Debugging in an Internet Explorer.
  • Hit on OK button.
  • Exit and then re-open Internet Explorer.

Step 3: Clear the Cache Data of Internet Explorer

  • Locate the Browsing History option that appears below the Internet Explorer settings.
  • Hit on Delete button.
  • Choose History, temporary internet files, and cookies.
  • Click on the Delete option.
  • Select the Apply button and then hit on OK button.

Step 4: Run an Internet Explorer in Compatibility View

  • Firstly open the Internet Explorer.
  • After that Hit on the Tools options which are located below the Settings tab.
  • Open the Compatibility View Settings.
  • Place a check-mark appears near the checkbox which says Display all websites in compatibility View.
  • Hit on the Save option to save the applied changes..

Step 5: Disable Add-ons in the Internet Explorer

  • Locate Internet Explorer Window.
  • Click on the Tools button and choose Internet Options.
  • Hit on Manage Add-ons under the Programs section.
  • Select the add-on button and then choose the Disable option from the bottom corner of the screen.
  • Hit on the Ok button and then exit Internet Explorer.

Step 6: Un-select the SSL certificates in Internet Explorer

  • Locate the Gear option appears at the top side of an Internet Explorer.
  • Choose Internet Options.
  • Below the content button and hit on the option which says clear SSL.
  • Choose the OK button to save the applied changes.

Step 7: Apply Internet Explorer as Default Internet Browser

  • Click on the Settings section of the Internet Explorer Window.
  • Locate the Program button.
  • Hit on the Make Default option and then place the checkmark on the button which says Tell me if Internet Explorer is not the default web browser.
  • Click on the detailed instructions option and then hit on Make. Internet Explorer your Default Internet Browser.

Step 8: Disable the Script Error Notification in the Browser Settings

  • Open your Internet Explorer.
  • Hit on the Tool option appears at the top right corner.
  • Choose Internet Options.
  • Now go to the advanced tab.
  • Delete the check-mark that appears near to “Display a notification about every script error” button.
  • Hit on Ok button.

Solution 9: Place the URL in the Error message to the List named

Restricted Websites in QuickBooks Follow the below-mentioned instructions.

  • Open your QuickBooks.
  • Locate the Help option and hit on internet Connection Setup.
  • Hit on the Next button and then hit on Advanced Connection Settings.
  • Locate the Security option and hit on the Restricted sites tab.
  • Give a click on the Sites.
  • Now copy the URL with an error message and then paste it.
  • Hit on the Add button and then click on the Close option.
  • At last click on the OK button and then the done button to save the changes.

What to do Getting a Script Error when using Payments or Websites into QuickBooks

Script problems happen when a command cannot be properly executed and our application(s) on your computer tries to access a web-based (internet) function. This can also involve third-party software (like Java, Flash, ActiveX, etc.) interacting with desktop applications such as QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise or Point of Sale, etc. or online apps such as Online Service Center, QuickBooks Online, etc.

These errors could appear in a variety of ways, including the following generic messages.

Script Error

Error in Script

Error in Script Line #### Character #### Object ####

There are Causes of Script Errors in QuickBooks

  • Blocking of script processing operations
  • Damaged script software or incompatible related data.

Steps to Fix the Script Error in QuickBooks

Follow the below steps to troubleshooting Script error while using QuickBooks.

  • You have to clear temporary internet files and cache.
  • Set up Internet Explorer so that it can handle QuickBooks payments and related software.
  • Uninstall the ActiveX control file.
  • Script debugging is enabled.
    • In Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu (gear icon), then choose Internet Options to disable script debugging.
    • Select the Advanced tab.
    • Select Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer) and Disable script debugging (Other) from the Settings window.
  •  Security application blocking script function
    • Any security-related components must either be completely uninstalled or configured to allow scripts during QuickBooks Desktop processing.
  • Repair any data corruption on your company file.
  • A new Windows administrator user should be created. For a step-by-step guide, see Add, edit, or Create Windows users with Admin rights to allow configuration.
  • Reinstall Adobe Flash, Java, and other software .Net Framework® (restricted to QuickBooks users).
  • To find out if the system and/or application files have been compromised, a complete system scan will need to be performed.

Operating System Files Check

  • Select Search from the Start menu.
  • To examine all of the system files, type SFC/SCANNOW into the search box. In case there is a problem, you must follow the given instructions.

Disk error checking

  • Click Computer on the Windows Start menu.
  • Go to the Tools tab by right-clicking the C:/ drive.
  • Select the Check Now button from the Error-checking section.

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Download PDF – Add Intuit Website in Internet Explorer to Fix QuickBooks Script Error


  • How do I fix a Script Error in QuickBooks

    To fix this issue you have to perform the solutions that help you to fix a script error in QuickBooks:
    ● Update the Web Browser
    ● Load the Web Page again
    ● Disable Plug-ins
    ● Open the web page in another browser
    ● Check by loading other web pages
    ● Load this page on another device that it is working or not
    ● Disable the hardware acceleration.

  • What is the Meaning of Script Error in QuickBooks

    It means that the command is not executing correctly that is why this happens. The Script error happens when your QuickBooks software is exchanging the information with the webpage and the javascript of the webpage has some issues.

  • What to do if there is a page view issue in the Browser

    You have to check for the compatibility view in the Internet Explorer browser
    Click on the Gear icon that is on the right side of Internet Explorer after opening it
    ● Then select the Compatibility View settings option
    ● Tick mark the option Display intranet sites in compatibility view
    ● Now close the window and after restarting the browser load the page again.

  • How to Fix script error in Internet Explorer

    ● In Internet Explorer, go to the Gear-like icon named Tools
    ● Then click on the Internet option from the further options
    ● Then click on the Security tab
    ● Choose the Trusted Sites option
    ● Click on the Sites button
    ● Now add the website that you want to access for your work in QuickBooks
    ● Click on Add and then click on the Close button
    ● Then click on the button Custom Levels
    ● Scroll down to Miscellaneous heading and in this search for Allow data sources across domains then click on Enable in it
    ● After that, click the OK button then close the Internet Options window
    ● In the end, restart your Internet Explorer browser.

  • What can I do if the QuickBooks Script error occurs during the import process?

    ● Open the Internet Explorer
    ● Locate the Tools button and then select Internet options
    ● In case you are unable to discover the table option then press the Alt button
    ● It will display the hidden option
    ● Discover Advanced Option and then choose it
    ● Now delete the display of notification regarding the script error space section
    ● Hit on OK button

  • Fix the Script Error while an Export Process in QuickBooks?

    Clear all the cache data and cookies. Follow the steps:

    ● Hit on the Tools option which appears on the right side of the Internet Browser
    ● Click on Safety & security button and then hit on Delete history
    ● You require selecting the checkbox which says Cookies and Website data
    ● Choose the Delete option
    ● It will take some time to delete the browser history
    ● Exit the internet explorer browser settings and then reopen it.

  • What are the Significant Causes of QuickBooks Script Errors?

    ● Malware infection
    ● Blocked or disabled script processing features
    ● When trying to create an account name with already existing account numbers
    ● Importing on the wrong account
    ● When an imported invoice or importing bill has different accounts from accounts due or assets
    ● Missing mandatory components of Active X.

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