QuickBooks Script Error: What is it and How to fix it?

QuickBooks is designed on a user-friendly interface with several tools and features that will help in carrying your entire business requirement effectively and efficiently. You can integrate the software with third-party accounting platforms. It is an incredible software that make your work easier but there are situation when QuickBooks also crash due to certain technical issues. One such technical error that you can come across while working on the software is QuickBooks Script Error.

QuickBooks Script Error is a common error that can be seen in the QuickBooks software. You will come across this error when you are opening the QuickBooks application. This issue restricts you from working on the software and slows the updating process as well. Though you can resolve this error with the solution mentioned in this article, but it is suggested that you seek QuickBooks Desktop Assistance.

QuickBooks Script Error: Causes

  • Browser configuration is responsible for this.
  • Internet Explorer is already in use.
  • Internet Explorer is not in sync with QuickBooks application.

Resolve Script Error: QuickBooks

Here are some troubleshooting steps that will help you in resolving the QuickBooks script error.


If you are using the Internet Explorer versions 9, 8, 7 then you are recommended to log off or close the notifications that will display the script error.

QuickBooks Script Error
  1. Close the Internet explorer.
  2. Reopen the browser and browse for the Tool tab and open it.
  3. Click on the internet option to configure.
  4. From Internet option, go to Advance tab.
  5. After the notification is displayed, you will have to delete the display option. It is recommended that you delete the display box.
  6. After this procedure is completed, you will have to press the OK icon.

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Frequently Asked Questions About QuickBooks Script Error

How do I fix a script error in QuickBooks❓

To fix this issue you have to perform the solutions that help you to fix a script error in QuickBooks:
✔ Update the Web Browser
✔ Load the Web Page again
✔ Disable Plug-ins
✔ Open the web page in another browser
✔ Check by loading other web pages
✔ Load this page in another device that it is working or not
✔ Disable the hardware acceleration.

What is the meaning of script error in QuickBooks❓

It means that the command is not executing correctly that is why this happens. The Script error happens when your QuickBooks software is exchanging the information with the webpage and the java script of the webpage has some issues.

What to do if there is a page view issue in the Browser❓

You have to check for the compatibility view in the Internet Explorer browser
✔ Click on Gear icon that is in the right side in Internet Explorer after opening it
✔ Then select the Compatibility View settings option
✔ Tick mark the option Display intranet sites in compatibility view
✔ Now close the window and after restarting browser load the page again.

How to fix script error in Internet Explorer❓

✔ In Internet Explorer, go to the Gear like icon named Tools
✔ Then click on the Internet option from the further options
✔ Then click on Security tab
✔ Choose the Trusted Sites option
✔ Click on Sites button
✔ Now add your website that you want to access for your work in QuickBooks
✔ Click on Add and then click on Close button
✔ Then click on the button Custom Levels
✔ Scroll down to Miscellaneous heading and in this search for Allow data sources across domains then click on Enable in it
✔ After that, click the OK button then close the Internet options window
✔ In the end, restart your Internet Explorer browser.