sage 300 error 3111

Sage 300 Pervasive Status Code 3111

In this article, you will get a complete guide on Sage 300 error 3111, along with its causes and resolution. If you are looking for a resolution to fix the Sage pervasive status code 3111, then you are on the right path.

Sage is a financial software but at times this software sometimes stops working due to error 3111, which indicates that there was a failed attempt to access the system. When the network connections in Sage 300 are incorrect or damaged occurs. It also occurs as a result of widespread sessions.

What is Sage 300 Error 3111

This error occurs when the application’s session is still open in the session or if the user is not working on it and the program is stopped by the user. There is a PSQL product key that has to be active; if it isn’t, this error will appear. Another common reason for this error is if an operator doesn’t have the right to access login information.

You can get this error when there is a Pervasive issue or a difficulty with the Network connection. When you get the Sage error 3111, then you can see the following messages:

  • The vendor is being used by another task or workstation
  • I/O PSC 3111
  • Pervasive status code 3111
  • I/O PVSC 3111

What are the Causes Behind Sage 300 Error 3111 Pervasive

There was an issue with the network connection while working on Sage 300. Maybe there was a server issue as well with the system and the software. In this case, a request from the host server may have timed out in the workstation which has generated the error Sage 300 3111. Here are the possible causes behind Sage 300 error 3111.

  • Any program or network that is interfering with the connection.
  • NIC sends junk data.
  • While working on Sage 300, there is a problem with the network connection.
  • There might also be a server problem between the system and the program.
  • The Internet is accessed via a wireless connection or a virtual private network (VPN).
  • The server has been switched off or is in the process of being restarted.
  • A request from the host server timed out in the workstation, resulting in the Sage 300 3111 error.

Resolutions to Fix Sage 300 Error 3111 Pervasive Status

A file system issue can be the main cause of Sage 300 error code 3111. It occurs when the connection between the server and the workstation fails or when the server takes too long to react to the command. Resolving Sage 300 Error 3111 is not at all difficult.

Resolution 1: Firewall Settings

If you want to fix Sage pervasive status code 3111 through Firewall settings then follow these steps:

  • First, to begin, select the Start button.
  • On the start button, go to adjust the settings.
  • Now you need to go for Advanced Firewall Settings.
  • After that, you must select the inbound rules shown on the left side of the Firewall settings box.
  • The following step is to make a new rule and add the port.
  • Now you can enable the connection by using this port.
  • Then repeat the procedures for outbound rules.
  • Finally, it would help if you gave them names for the rules that must be saved.

Resolution 2: Pervasive Sessions

  • First, you must restart both the server and the system.
  • Now if you have a Sage that is multi-user, log out all users otherwise it will give you extra problems.
  • The following step is to launch the PSQL Monitor Utility.
  • After that, open files must be unlocked, thus unlocking it.
  • Then if you encounter a problem during this procedure, go ahead and open the system tools so that you can access the program.
  • Finally, you need administrative privileges for this.

Resolution 3: Creating a Backup

  • First, log in to the company whose data you want to back up. 
  • Then select the File menu option.
  • Once you are on the file option, you need to select the Backup option. 
  • After that enter the file name in the ‘Sage 300 Accounting– Backup’ box.
  • The following step is to choose the location where you wish to save the backup.
  • Finally, to begin the backup, click OK.

Resolution 4: To Disable IPv6

  • First, open the Control Panel by pressing Windows Key + X.
  • Then you need to open the network and the internet.
  • After that, launch the Network and Sharing Center.
  • Now select Change Adapter Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • The following select Properties from the context menu when you right-click your connection.
  • Once done deactivate Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6), and uncheck the box next to it.
  • Now, click OK to accept the modification.
  • Finally, you need to restart your system once it’s done.

Error 3111 is a Sage 300 error that many users have encountered. Error 3111 typically occurs when the user has unrecognized data, or if the data has been corrupted. The best thing to do when encountering this error is to try and repair the file. Now that you have a complete guide on Sage 300 error 3111, you can easily resolve this error. However, if you are still stuck or have any questions, you can reach out to the Sage chat customer helpdesk for quick and easy assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can backing up your company file help resolve Sage 300 Error 3111?

Yes, backing up your company file can resolve error code 3111:

● If the error notice mentions a file in the data path, you can rename the file and run the repairing tool.
● If you are unable to open the relevant file, open the company file and reindex it.
● Hopefully, you can rectify this once you generate a backup.

What are the steps that should be closed in the company file to resolve the Sage 300 3111 error?

The following steps should be closed in the company file to resolve the Sage 300 3111 error:

● First, check that all Sage 300 applications are closed by all users.
● Then close any other programs that are interfering as well.
● Now navigate to the file and right-click it.
● After that click the Close Open Files button.
● Finally, the error will be resolved.

Once you Disable IPv6, how to restart your system to fix the Sage 300 3111 error?

To restart your system after the Sage 300 3111 error, follow the steps:

● Locate and click the power icon in the lock screen’s lower-right corner.
● It should be the symbol on the far right.
● Finally, from the option that opens, choose Restart.