Integrate Sage 50 with Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook

Now, that you are made familiar with what Integration means and a little about Sage, let’s dig further to know how accurately this integration comes into play, and know-how to integrate Microsoft Office and Outlook with Sage 50.

With Sage having access to millions of paying clients it’s one of the best-ranked online accounting software that stands to handle professional invoices in the delivery and preparation process, advanced report generation for smooth and easy cash flow and it also consists of real-time management of firm income.

How to Integration Microsoft Office 365 & Outlook with Sage 50 Accounting Software

If you want to know how to connect or integrate MS Office 365 and Sage 50, then take the detailed steps with accuracy.

Here’s how to perform the Office 365 and Sage 50 integration

  • For the first and foremost step, proceed by moving and opening the “ Get started with Microsoft Office 365 services” email from the mailbox.
  • The mail has been received from Sage Solutions Admin and then hit on the Get Started Button.
  • For the next step, enter the temporary password mentioned in the slot and then select Sign In, from the business center page.
  • Now, in the Current password slot that appeared on the screen, move ahead to enter the Temporary password.
  • To continue, proceed to click the Update password and sign in button after entering a new password twice.
  • Thereafter, select the Accept option from the Sage business center.
  • After the subsequent step, also accept the Microsoft Cloud Agreement.
  • Now for further, proceed to allow and give permission to Add-ins and Apps, inclusive of Sage intelligence, Sage contact, and Sage sync.
  • After the subsequent step, on the appeared page Sage Business Centre page, click the link to go to the Office 365 Admin Center.
  • Once you’ve clicked the Office 365 admin center, navigate to the icon named OneDrive from the home window.
  • Now, that OneDrive is ready to receive files and you’ve completed the onboarding process, you’re ready for the Sage 50 integration.
  • Go to the File menu then hit on the option Office 365 Integration and then click on Connect to Office 365 option.
  • Thereafter, click on Sign In if you see the Introduction screen.
  • Fill up the administrator username and then the new password that you’ve created.
  • Next, confirm the prompt on the screen and the company you desire to Upload, and then hit Upload.
  • After the subsequent step, finally, proceed to choose to hit on the Finish option.

Sage 50 Microsoft Office 365 integration shares several new benefits that often make it stand out as one of the best measures. To know more regarding the same, follow the listed information below.

Unknown Error in Sage 50 While Integrating with Microsoft Outlook

Sage 50 Accounts version 28 and later are incompatible with Microsoft Office 2010 if you are using it. After updating Microsoft 365, try sending your layout through email in Sage 50cloud Accounts once more.

To fix the unknown error if you are using Microsoft 365 2013 or 2016, see the section below.

Step 1- Create a new signature in Outlook

Once the signature has been made, you can apply it to your program’s layout:

  • Click Settings, then Email Defaults, from the menu bar of Sage 50 Accounts.
  • Confirm that Microsoft Office Outlook is selected as your email program.
  • To add a new signature to a certain layout type, such as an invoice, click the appropriate tab.
  • In the drop-down choice that appears next to Override Default Outlook Signature, select the newly created signature.
  • Press Apply, expand the boxes to choose specific layouts, and then check the boxes next to the layouts you want to apply these settings to.
  • Select OK.

Step 2- Download the SBDDesktop.exe.config file

  • Firstly, download the SBDDesktop.exe.config file.
  • Click Save if you are asked to save the file.
  • Go to the location where the file was downloaded, then select Copy from the menu when you right-click on the SBDDesktop.exe.config file.
  • Log into your company in Sage 50cloud Accounts, then select Help and About.
  • Click the Program Directory folder path link under Program Details.
  • The program directory folder is visible in the newly opened file explorer window.
  • To paste the downloaded file into the program folder, right-click in the file explorer window and select Paste.
  • Sage 50 Accounts should be closed, then reopened after closing the file explorer window.

How Exactly does Integration Outlook and Microsoft Office 365 with Sage 50 Operate Effectively?

To know how Integration functions, stick through this article for an accurate and informed insight. Usually, there are Sage Integration concerts of three primary parts.

A. The Import and Export of Organizations

With this, various organizations are free to import Sage customers into the current RMS or can export the current RMS organizations to Sage.

B. Link generation among organizations in Current and Contact in sage

Immediate updating of information in contact when changes are made to organizations in Current.

C. Invoice and credits shall be sent directly to Sage

Hassle-free transportation of invoices is directed into Sage post connection.

Sage Contact integrates Sage 50 to Office 365, further enabling users to access detailed information about Sage 50 customers and vendors while writing and receiving emails in Office 365 Mail and Microsoft Outlook.

Some of the most prominent Eye-catchy Benefits of Sage 50 Integration with Office 365 are as follows

Autonomous Backup on the Cloud

Be it any working sector or any software, Backup is one essential part where we cannot turn a blind eye. Turning on Cloud Backups further backs up your business data to Microsoft OneDrive.

Automate Daily Routines

It stops your work with manual processes while utilizing Office 365 Integration.


In any organization merging Microsoft Outlook contacts with Sage 50 contacts, you may save time and organize your business security.


For swift access to your data, encrypted cloud computing always plays a major role. 


 If you are thousands of miles apart by using Microsoft SharePoint and Teams.


Along with Sage Capture, you can upload and save receipts, invoices, and other important documents from anywhere.

Sync Microsoft Outlook contacts automatically

Sync Microsoft Outlook contacts with Sage 50 contacts automatically

Access to company, performance, and financial data from any location, at any time

After the above-stated information, the main question arises how can one connect Office 365 to a Sage account? For the necessary step-by-step guide, follow the information listed below.

The above-presented information has effectively guided you through the entire concept of Sage 50 Microsoft Office 365 Integration. The reason why this error takes place as well as the causes are all listed in the above article in a detailed deeply involved information outlook. All required actions are supplied, as well as the whole step-by-step approach guide.


Will the Cash receipt be updated after the Invoice is paid

Yes, once the invoice is done being paid. The receipt is automatically recorded in Sage 50 and will further update the Cash Receipt as well as the General ledger.

Which version of Sage is used for Integration?

Only Sage Online Accounting is used for Integration. Desktop versions of Sage are not viable for integration.

Is it necessary to have Global admin privileges In Office 365?

Yes, having access to Global admin Privileges in Office 365 to connect your Sage 50 with Office 365.

Why am I getting an error when sending an email?

Here are a few typical explanations for why your email didn’t send:
● You don’t have an internet connection.
● You have used the incorrect SMTP parameters while configuring your email client.
● There is an issue with your SMTP server connection.

How do I email payroll in Sage 50?

● To email a specific employee, click the email link next to their name. 
● Then you have to click Send Email after making any necessary edits to the email. 
● Click Export All Payslips then Email Payslips to send pay stubs to every employee. 
● Now you have to click Send Email after making any necessary edits to the email.

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