Sage 50 Problems with Windows

Sage 50 Problems with Windows 8, 10 and 11

Sage 50 accounting software is available for Microsoft Windows 8, 10, and 11. You will know about this by reading this blog. You may easily upgrade existing Sage 50 software to the latest version for solving Sage 50 problems operating on your PC. Track these steps to upgrade your accounting software Sage 50 effortlessly.

Sage 50 Windows Operating System Compatibility Problems

Any release of Sage 50 will work on Windows RT, consider using Sage One if you use Windows RT.

Fixing Sage 50 Windows 8 Compatibility Problems


  • Check your data and back it up before you start the upgrade process.
  • Find out where your existing version is installed to make sure your new software is installed at the right location.

For the Sage 50 2012 (V18) and above

  • To Help click and then About click.
  • Please make a note of the program directory under Program Details.

For the Sage 50 2010 (v16) or 2011(v17)

  • Help click and then About click.
  • Click Information System.
  • Click Directories now and note the directory of the program.

Issues with Windows 8 and Sage 50 2011 to 2013

Though Sage 50 2014 and newer versions are fully compatible and supported with Windows 8. You might face issues if you are trying to run Sage 50 accounting software on Sage 50 2013 and previous versions 2012, 2011, or 2010. While you may be able to install and use the software, it will function with various known issues like.

List of some issues with Sage 50 2013 or below with Windows 8

  • The automatic backup scheduler is not operating.
  • E-mail to Sage 50 print not enabled error will be displayed.
  • You will not run your Payroll Tax Form.
  • The Sage 50 Payroll Update tax form won’t operate or sometimes fails to function.
  • Sage 50 can be used in Windows 7 compatibility mode to get around WebSync Wizards will not run.
  • The complete auto-ID function does not function.
  • You may have problems with the touch entry on the touch screen.


Does Sage 50 work on Windows 8?

All 32-bit or 64-bit variants of Microsoft Windows operating systems: Windows 11 (except Windows 11S) Windows 10 (except Windows 10S), build 1709 or later. Windows 8.1.

Why does my Sage 50 keep crashing on Windows 8

On your Windows user, the issue is the access level.
● You have to log in administrator and then you have to try to open Sage 50cloud Accounts.
● If you are unable to log on as an administrator.
● You have to right-click the Sage 50 cloud Accounts Shortcut, then click Properties.