QuickBooks Point of Sale Cash Drawer

QuickBooks Point of Sale Cash Drawer

One model of “QuickBooks Point of Sale Cash Drawer” is called MMF Val-U Line which is characterized by medium-duty and printer-friendly 24 volts consisting of 3 level key lock (electronic), painted face, and two slots for media.

This hardware system is preferred by many users as it provides durability and flexibility while being integrated with features that are generally only unified with heavy-duty cash drawers. Users can also buy cash tray replacements as well as bill weights of plastic material for further use.

Intuit developed QuickBooks Point of Sale software with the aim of providing businesses, especially ones in the retail sector, with a way to manage sales, track inventories, and all in all keep track of the finances of the business. The POS software is set up using different hardware of which Cash Drawer is one part.

The medium-sized drawer is of the size 16 inches in width and 16 inches in length. Its structure and standard are of top-notch quality that provides a multitude number of features at a reasonable rate.

Basic Description and Features QuickBooks Point of Sale Cash Drawer

  • Steel structured with medium duty finesse.
  • 3 level key lock (electronic)
  • Highly durable plastic material Bill Weights and Cash Tray
  • The Drawers can be with flexible 8 Coin and 4 Bill slot or flexible 5 Coin and 4 Bill slot.
  • Two kinds of media slots with front panel painted
  • Strong interface cable that can be removed
  • The drawers are given handsome finish of Baked Enamel with black in color
  • 3 different level of key lock, namely Locked Closed, Automatic Open and Manually Open
  • Interface Cable of Star Micronics having DC Solenoid of 24 volts
  • The drawer is dimensionally same with width, height and length all being 16 inches
  • Manufacturing warranty for the QuickBooks Point of Sale Cash Drawer is 2 years
  • The Cash Drawer can easily and seamlessly connect with Receipt Printer.
  • The part number by Manufacturer is 431150.

For more information and setting up of QuickBooks Point of Sales Support Cash Drawer, you can also connect with us through a toll-free number and Live Chat option on our website.

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