How to Delete Inventory Adjustment in QuickBooks

Delete Inventory Adjustment in QuickBooks

QuickBooks business accounting software is recommended by the top accounting professionals. It is one top class software to maintain your accounts online. You not only can record financials but can track your physical inventory as well. Adjustments and modifications to your tracked inventory are a breeze using QuickBooks. Made a mistake while making adjustments, then find “How to delete inventory adjustment in QuickBooks”.

Inventory Adjustment in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is loaded with numerous features and tools that have made business accounting management simple and easy. The software helps in

  • Generating reports,
  • Tracking sales,
  • Tax planning,
  • Inventory management and much more.

There are times when the QuickBooks users need to deal with the inventory adjustments. Though some find it hard and for others, its a cake walk. It is especially new QB users that find it extremely complex and confusing to deal with such a problem.

Though the process is no difficulty if you know it if you are not familiar with the process then check out this guide on how to delete inventory adjustments in QuickBooks.

Steps on How to Delete Inventory Adjustment in QuickBooks?

Follow the below-mentioned steps for deleting the inventory adjustments in QuickBooks.

  • Launch QuickBooks in your system.
  • Log in to the program by entering the required credentials.
  • Click on the new button and choose the Inventory part.
  • Move below the list in the Inventory part and locate the items you want to delete.
  • Choose the items to be deleted.
  • Select Quick Reports from the display window.
  • Click on All Tab and set the date range.
  • Right-click on the entry next to the product entry which you want to delete.
  • Finally, choose the delete option.
  • In case you need to delete several adjusted inventories, you can follow the same steps and delete multiple inventories at once.
  • Save your preferences and your inventory adjustments will be completely deleted.

How to Edit the Inventory Adjustment?

The QuickBooks user has the flexibility not only to delete the inventory adjustment in QuickBooks but also you can edit it if there is a requirement. To follow you have to search the Inventory Adjustment as mentioned in above steps. Once the Inventory Adjustment is located you can easily view options to Edit or Delete options. If you need to edit, you just have to click on the Edit option and do the editing as per your requirements.

  1. Choose the Find + button.
  2. Now click on the advanced search tab.
  3. From the All Transactions drop-down button, select Inventory Quantity Adjustment.
  4. When the Adjustment is found, click on the edit option and modify your adjustment.

How to Adjust Inventory Quantity on Hand?

People always are not concerned about how to delete inventory adjustment in QuickBooks but even want to know how to adjust inventory at hand. If you want to adjust your stock without recording a sale or purchase transactions then below are the steps that will help you do so.

  • Choose the Plus Icon and select Inventory Quantity Adjustments.
  • Type the Adjustment Date.
  • Enter Inventory Adjustment Account.
  • Choose the product and you will see product info and the quantity at hand automatically displayed.
  • Enter new Description (optional).
  • Mention the new quantity.
  • Add additional products (optional).
  • Enter the Memo (optional).
  • Click Save.

QuickBooks records appropriate adjustments automatically to your stock Asset. Thus making it simpler to work with QB.

Hope you now have a much better idea on “How to delete inventory adjustments in QuickBooks”. But in case you are still not able to figure out how to do that then talk to our customer care executive.

The QB support team is approachable via phone, email or live chat mode. They assure quick and responsive support through the QuickBooks certified ProAdvisor. Thus wait no longer and give us a call now 1800-865-4183.

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