QuickBooks Payroll Error Code PS077

No program is free from errors and the same is the case with QuickBooks. “QuickBooks payroll error PS077” is one of the most classic examples of the issues caused within QuickBooks.

No matter, what happens with your accounting program, one thing is for sure every issue is fixable and this is what we gonna discuss today. The program is also a sought-after application for managing the payroll. No matter how big is your team, QuickBooks can take care of all your business requirements with ease.

What is QuickBooks Error Code PS077

There are instances when the QuickBooks payroll user faces an error. The error can be technical or functional and demands a fix almost instantly with your QuickBooks payroll program.

While the user downloads the latest payroll updates then it might block certain features and can give you QuickBooks errors PS077 and PS032. The error codes are accompanied by an error message.

QuickBooks is having trouble installing payroll tax table update”. 

Causes QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077

This payroll error PS077 indicates that:

  • QuickBooks program is not an Intuit registered.
  • QuickBooks Company file saved is damaged or destroyed.
  • The tax table under the Payroll folder is invalid or corrupt.
  • The billing information for the Payroll subscription is improper or incorrect.

Troubleshooting Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077

The troubleshooting solution mentioned below that is directed by the QuickBooks helpdesk team who is here to help in all kinds of situations. Follow the steps accordingly to get this error resolved.

Step 1: Check for the UAC Settings

  • In your Windows system, click on the Start button
  • Then search for the Control Panel and open it
  • Now in the window of the Control Panel, click n search option on the right side and type UAC, and press Enter button
  • After that, locate and click on the Change User Account Settings
  • Select the Yes button and then turn off the UAC by clicking on the slider button to Never Notify
  • Give the User details of admin if you get the message for this
  • Now do reboot the QuickBooks Desktop software
  • In the end, again try to download the Payroll update.

Step 2: Use the QuickBooks Rebuild Data Utility

  • In your QuickBooks account
  • Click on the File menu
  • Then select the Utility option
  • In that, click on the Verify data
  • This helps in detecting the error in your company file
  • Again click on the File menu then select the Utilities
  • Now click on the rebuild data
  • It helps you in fixing the issues that you get
  • In the end, verify and check the data in the company file.

Step 3: Again install the QuickBooks with the help of the Clean Install Tool

  • If you got any errors because of the installation then uninstall the software.
  • Then perform the clean installation using the Clean Install Tool to get it done properly and completely.
  • Also, do update the payroll tax table from your QuickBooks Desktop account.
  • The issue is resolved and you can use the software for doing your work.

Alternative Solution to Fix QuickBooks Error Code PS077

Error PS032 and PS077 both can be easily resolved by using the steps listed below. Try to follow the steps in the order they are illustrated to avoid any delay in resolving the issue. Not all steps are needed to solve the problem, hence it is recommended to see after every step whether the issue is resolved or not. The steps are listed below:

  • Make sure that the registration process of QuickBooks and the subscription of payroll subscription is completed successfully.
  • QuickBooks program is installed on a system with the latest version update and update patch.
  • In case the software is not updated to the latest release, make sure to download the fresh version as early as possible.
  • Billing information of the application and payroll subscription is to the latest release.
  • Windows 8, 7, and Vista users can attempt disabling UAC (User Account Control) and update the software and subscription.
  • Check the license number of QuickBooks is correct by following the steps mentioned:
    • Go to the QuickBooks program and press ‘F2’.
    • Keep a note of the license number displayed.
    • The details gathered -> Click on ‘OK’ and end the product details screen.
  • Make sure that you are aware of the QuickBooks version software installed in the system
  • If the QuickBooks version is installed on the system for QuickBooks software then carry out the clean install of QuickBooks software in a chosen startup – selective startup form.
  • If there are different versions of QuickBooks being installed on the system follow the steps mentioned below:
    • Uninstall other QuickBooks versions except for the latest one.
    • Reset the latest update of the QuickBooks application.
  • Attempt downloading the latest updated tax tables of payroll.
  • Then sort again the lists available with the software and then perform the rebuild data / verify data process.
  • Finally, attempt clean uninstall and then reinstall QuickBooks software in selective startup form.

Above, you get the solution that you have to follow to fix the QuickBooks error PS077 in your account.

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