QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 in Call to Netsharegetinfo for PATH

The QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 in Call to NetShareGetInfo for path happens due to some reasons like the registry being incorrect, the configuration is not done properly, and other reasons too.

Many reasons are mentioned below that help you to identify the reason so that you can choose the solution accordingly.

QuickBooks small business accounting software was developed with the main objective to assist small business owners. People who want to manage their business accounts flawlessly and accurately use software like QuickBooks. Implementing any kind of software to business is a simultaneous invitation to problems as well. That is why we usually end up looking for solutions for errors like Got unexpected error 5 in a call to NetShareGetInfo for a path or QuickBooks Event-ID 4 an unexpected error”.

Like any other software, QuickBooks is also prone to errors. There are many unexpected errors that QuickBooks users face on and off. One such error is the Unexpected Netsharegetinfo error. This QB error indicates that when the user tries to access the QB company file error message is displayed “Got unexpected error 5 in a call to NetShareGetInfo for path”.

About QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 in Call to Netsharegetinfo for PATH

The error displays the error message on your screen as “Got Unexpected Error 5 in Call to NetShareGetInfo for Path”. With this, you also get to know the problem and the error in the displayed error message. There are 2 more things that you must know about are:

  • The unexpected error happens “Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: Contractor 16.0”: V26.0D R3 (M=1066, L=335, C=249, V=0 (0))
  • You face unexpected error 5 in a call to NetShareInfo for the path\server\file.qbw.

Causes of QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5

This QuickBooks error happens when QBDataServiceUser fails to access the company file location in QuickBooks.

  • It also happens when there are malicious, deleterious, and other viruses attacks.
  • The settings of the system are configured improperly.
  • Improper shut down because of a power failure that happens suddenly.
  • The system and its component of it are not running operations of QuickBooks normally.
  • The Windows registry is invalid and irregular.
  • The software QuickBooks Desktop is not installed properly.
  • Damaged or corrupt network data file.
  • Using outdated QuickBooks version.

When the Error Occurs you Get Multiple Instances

  1. Got Unexpected Error 5 in a call to NetShareGetInfo for path \serverfile.QBW
    • The QBdataserviceuser 25/26 accounts on the server with the QBDB manager have the authority to the folder and all files. When the DB manager runs (which also is a domain controller), then there remains no local administrator except the domain admin himself. This issue occurs when there is a problem with the network connection between the user and the database files.
  2. An Unexpected Error: “Intuit QuickBooks En Solution: Contractor 16.0”:
    • The resolution methods for this error (C=249) indicate to ignore if QuickBooks is functioning.

Ways to Fix QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 in Call to Netsharegetinfo

In case you are looking forward to resolving the error thoroughly then check if all the permissions are rightly configured for your counting tool to function properly. When you face this unexpected error of QuickBooks you need to fix it immediately. You just have to follow the solution to fix the error in your QuickBooks Desktop account. Before proceeding to the solution do this step if it can help.

  • Delete the user
  • Recreate the user in your QuickBooks account

Then check for the error.

If the error persists then proceed with the solutions mentioned here to fix the issue and get back to your work. Now follow the solution step by step on your own. The solutions are:

Solution 1: Use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

For using this method you have o download, install, and then run the tool in your system so the steps are as follows:-

  • First of all, you have to download the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool in your system
  • Then go to the download and search for the file doctor file
  • After locating the file, you have to run the file in your system
  • The QuickBooks File doctor checks all the folders and files automatically from your system
  • This shows you that the hosting setup is done and it also works properly
  • You have to provide system settings control and access fully using the permission level settings
  • Find the damaged file and make it accessible in your QuickBooks account that you want to repair
  • After this, you won’t face this error and it is resolved.

Solution 2: Scan your System using the Reimage Repair Tool

  • Download the Reimage repair tool using the quality link so that you can download it without any issues
  • Then save the downloaded file where you want to and also from where QuickBooks can easily access it
  • Now install the tool in your system after completing the downloading process
  • For running it click on the Yes button
  • Start the tool in your system so that it displays you the welcome screen
  • You have to unmark the checkbox of the program for the automatic scan process
  • Then click on the Install button for starting the installation process of the Reimage repair tool
  • For updating the tool, you must require the high-speed internet connection
  • After that, the system is automatically scanned by the tool
  • As a result, it shows you the areas that are damaged and need to be repaired
  • Then click on the Start Repair button to repair all the areas that show you in the results after scanning.

Solution 3: Turn Off User Account Control on Windows

  • Click on the Window or Start button
  • Go to Control Panel (Press Alt + Ctrl + Delete)
  • Search for User Account
  • Click on Change User Account Control Setting
  • Hit on Yes and move the slider to Never Notify
  • Click on OK and then restart Windows

Solution 4: Enable File Share Access

  • Go to File explorer
  • Right-click on the company file folder
  • Select Properties option
  • Click on Sharing tab
  • Enable full or partial file sharing access
  • Click on Apply and then OK to confirm

If your error was caused by a problem as we understand then your issue should resolve by now.

But if you are still facing “QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 in a call to NetShareGetInfo for path” then you would want to contact our QuickBooks error consultant experts. You can fetch prompt and responsive Consultant service for your QB accounting software and the technical experts help you in all possible ways in according solutions to resolve this error.

What are the steps to recreate the user for fixing the QuickBooks unexpected error 5 in a call to netsharegetinfo for path?

🔹 Open QuickBooks
🔹 For creating a user again, click on the User and Roles
🔹 Now create the username for the new user
🔹 After that, create a new password for the user
🔹 Then confirm the password by re-entering it
🔹 Create the roles for the users
🔹 Click on the OK button when you are done with all this.

How to remove the user to resolve the QuickBooks unexpected error 5 in a call to netsharegetinfo for path error in your account?

🔹 Open QuickBooks Desktop on your computer
🔹 Then open the Company tab in QuickBooks
🔹 After that, choose the Users option
🔹 Select the Setup Users and Roles option
🔹 Choose the user from the list of users you can see
🔹 For the confirmation, click on the OK button, and you are done.

Do I have the QuickBooks Tool Hub to use the Doctor File Tool for resolving the QuickBooks unexpected error 5 in a call to netsharegetinfo for path error?

Yes, you have to download the QuickBooks Tool Hub and then install it by following the on-screen instructions. After that run the tool as an Administrator. Choose the problem you want to fix and click on Doctor File Tool. Then it scans the problem and fixes it.

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