QuickBooks Accountant Copy Failed. 4 Easy Steps to Follow…

QuickBooks Accountant Copy Failed

Are you facing the problem where the error message is like: QuickBooks accountant copy failed…! Well then you would need to go through the below given steps to get your issue fixed.

🔔 Please note:

The error message where your accountants copy fails is often accompanied by an error message,

There is a problem sending the file. Sorry, we cannot communicate with the server.

QuickBooks Accountant Copy Failed: Reason

The problem appears when your QuickBooks update is pending or when the program file is larger than the allowed limit like 200 MB or more. The other reason for you to face this problem is when you are low on internet connectivity.

QuickBooks Accountant Copy Failed Solutions

Now the question comes, how you can fix the error which is hindering your work. If the bug is bothering you then you will have to try following steps.

1️⃣ The very first thing you can make sure is that you aren’t including any comma’s within your QB file name.
2️⃣ The second thing to note is that, is there any newer update of the software. If this is so then you will have to update QuickBooks to its latest version.
3️⃣ Another best thing you can do to deal with QuickBooks accounting copy error is to check for the size of your file. You can check for your file size by pressing F2 on your keyboard. Hitting the button will display you company info window. Make sure that the size is no greater then 200 MB, but if it is then create a portable file.
4️⃣ Check out for the damaged file. You may often find yourself in trouble if your company file is damaged. In order to fix the issue you can look to restore the recent backup. Make sure that you restore the file in some different folder then where it is currently and this will possibly solve your issue.


If by any chance you are still struggling to resolve your issue, “QuickBooks Accountant Copy Failed” then its time that you get yourself connect with our certified QuickBooks Proadvisor Support.